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Indian Orange Peel

5 thoughts on “Indian Orange Peel

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a copy of Karen Stones New York Beauty Contemporary Border. I had both the 30 blocks and the border patterns. Finished the center of quilt and now cannot find border. Nothing on line available since it is out of print. Any help you could provide would be extremely appreciated.

    Love your work. They are fun patterns to work with. I have one of her most recent books and the software for EQ5. Really don’t want to draft my own.


    1. Hi Jeannette- well…. this is news to me and puts me in a bad position as well. I’m not sure why such incredible patterns are not up, ready and available for those of us that love her work. Try messaging her on Facebook ? If you find out anything I would appreciate any news-
      Thanks for visiting my site I have many quilts coming up ❤ Teri

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