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All Stitched Up …..

I sew almost every day. It amazes me what you can get done 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. I did a little early morning stitching today, but the rest of my day was really all about pictures. I unloaded 1,187 pictures off of my phone, moved around some of the 36,000 on my computer. Did some editing… then shot Chels & Ryan’s engagement pictures at dusk (I only agreed to do them on one condition- if they didn’t like them, they didn’t have to use them!) I had fun just being with them – what a beautiful couple!
So, this quilt is from my favorite designer Karen K. Stone called Indian Orange Peel. The colors were inspired from a trip I took to Cozumel & the reason for making it was catapulted from the need for new surroundings. Funny thing was, after it was returned from the Quilters, Craig & I found our dream home ❤

Click ‘Indian Orange Peel’ to view more pictures from this quilt.

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