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BOO to YOU!!!

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I made my first Halloween costume when I was 15.
Ok, the real truth… I LOVED to dance. Having a sister 6 years older gave me the ideal (opportunity?!) to get into a beloved bar named Smuggler’s Inn. Trust me – that place was renown and very near & dear to my heart <3. FOREVER. Any way’s, the legal age limit was 19, I was clearly too young to get in. With that in mind… I thought as long as they couldn’t see me, I could get in to dance the night away. After thinking about it, I came up with a “bubble gum machine” costume. I used bridal netting from my Mom’s shop, long skinny plastic pieces for supports and a red attached miniskirt with “5₡” on the big pocket. I blew up 50 balloons to hide me inside and was good to go. I sailed right on past the bouncer. Soon after they announced that I had won 3rd place in the big costume contest I didn’t even know I was in!!!
The year Chelsie was born was when I really started sewing Halloween costumes. She was only three weeks old- as a tired new Mom I came to realize it was October 31st, and no costume. Chels & I headed downstairs to whip up her first costume, a “lop eared bunny”. My sister Jo & I then continued every year after sewing competitive costumes- both of us would take 1st,2nd & 3rd at two different sewing stores with our (6) kids.
You know it’s funny what might inspire a person. For instance, for $10 I could purchase a” plastic butt”….hence, Allie & Nick’s 2011 Halloween costumes. What’s more fun than dressing up as your alter ego! Allie’s boyfriend Nick borrowed his Dad’s chaps & t-shirt. Allie found a beautiful vest on the Buckle website that we copied. The matching skirt was fun to make and it was all custom fitted.
Chelsie & Ryan came up with Paul Bunyan & Babe- a great Minnesota thing! But with no time off from her job, Chels’ & I constructed everything via “face time” on our phones. She had an old summer dress here at the house that I took a pattern off of knowing it would fit her. Pretty good given the fact the type of dress it was and the kind of fabric I was working with…. It could have very well ended up NOT a good thing. BTW they did win best costume at the party they attended!
Now Tyler on the other hand, had the time of his life with a wig I found. Add some awesome claw’s and Instant werewolf! I actually was sooo wanting to use this costume!!! The following year I did!! – (and I’d do it again… which I am lol) That same year (2010) Allie & Nick went as cavemen, Nick was a good sport with his costume, I think after that he really liked dressing up! So have fun figuring out your costume, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, sometimes the simple things are best!

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