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The Red Couch

A few years back I flipped through a book that inspired me. A photographer traveled across the nation with a couch in the back of his pick-up taking pictures along the way of random people. I wanted to do this! But only I wanted a signature piece to take pictures of the most special people I knew & loved.

After looking for a REALLY long time- I found her. A broken down gem on Craig’s list- I took her to Parlin’s Upholstery, where I met Cynthia. She too knew that this little couch could be so much more!

She completely redid everything from the (100+ year) horsehair & straw stuffing to the straps & wood. Cynthia is perfection! I surprised her with my camera when I came to pick it up- she is pictured here with her little boys who helped out – it was still up on the sawhorses!

On my way home I had my husband Craig meet me at his Mom’s assisted living. I wanted no regrets- I wanted Marge to have her picture taken. Oh how I love her!

A week later I brought it to my 30th class reunion.  I had the honor of planning it – red was our color, so off to the party the couch went where I think it got pretty good reception. The pictures were priceless! My kid’s were helping me that night so we had a couple pictures taken together.

Last week my oldest Daughter Chelsie & her fiance’ Ryan asked me to take their engagement pictures- I’ll post those next : )   Yes, the couch was requested… in the fall leaves – so sweet! The next stop for the little red couch is our very first Christmas cocktail party this December- can’t wait!

When I’m 89 lol –I will look through a red velvet scrapbook of all the people’s pictures on the red couch that I knew & loved and I will have no regrets ❤

4 thoughts on “The Red Couch

  1. The fam loves how you make the red couch sing and loud to make every joyous occasion even better and it doesn’t have to a make a sound of itself…everyone else does it!! Great piece!! Your sis in law, Connie

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