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We went out for a cone …

We went out for an ice cream cone and came home with a house. Yes, true story. We had driven past a house (that I had fallen in love with) for about the hundredth time. It was near a house that we were just finishing up flipping. And I needed to own it… Craig thought I was nuts- he asked me why and my answer was easy “because She is beautiful” Well, by the time we returned home we had bought the house. Restoring this little crown jewel proved to be a true labor of love. 6 months & 60,000 later we were done. She was as beautiful as I knew she could be.

This flip was #2 of 8 that was completed in a 6 year period. She looks pretty good for being just over 100 years old. This house I hope to always have… I’m thinking someday it would make a great baby boutique.

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