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Thanksgiving Ideas

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Allie & I attended the “unveiled” wedding expo with Chelsie & Ryan. It was actually a lot of fun! Ry & I got to check out the tuxes, it is all coming together beautifully! I LOVED the cake venders especially lol -oh and the mimosa was a great addition! It was even fun running into some familiar faces! So, this week is incredibly crazy.  With a shower at my house this Saturday I’ll be cleaning & cooking up to the last minute. Here are a few last ideas for Thanksgiving.

This is an invite I sent out a few years ago. My side is incredibly small so it was no big deal doing this. The forks were bought individually at Walmart. Using a fun font and autumn colors of paper & ribbons and off they went in the mail. The sweetest thing was on that Thanksgiving day my sister Jo greeted me with her fork I sent her in hand- She jokingly said she thought she was supposed to bring it- LOVE my sisters ❤

If you like this idea but mailing is not an option, then print your guest’s names and use their forks for the place settings.

This is my “Thankful” tree. I have everyone’s name on it for my dinner- It inspires me on my insane 3 days of cooking lol. (You’ll see me transition this tree from Sept.1st– Feb 14th, more pictures to come)

These are my Turkey cake pops from last year. If you want to make them, check out – she is incredible! I used sugar daddy’s for the head.

Lastly, here is another page out of my recipe book. That’s Allie & Chelsie on Thanksgiving day – Allie was in Kindergarten and Chels was in 1st  grade pretending to be turkeys while I cooked! The smaller picture included on that page was the best!!! I had covered the” kids table” in white paper and set out cups of crayons for my little budding artists while they enjoyed their meal. Allie asked her cousin Kris to help her write this to document a rug burn from her cousin Nick. That stuff is what makes scrapbooking so fun! This recipe has been the family favorite for over twenty years now. Tyler actually still pouts if there is nothing left for leftovers! I always make a double batch- I will stand behind this recipe to be your family’s favorite as well. I guarantee that you will love the smell of your house while preparing this- This is what Thanksgiving smells like ❤

Click ‘Wild Rice Hot Dish’ to view recipe!

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