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Welcome Baby Kiera

Saturday November 17th was a special day in our house- a baby shower for Sean & Anne!

Sean is the very first grandchild on Craig’s side & we could not be any more excited for the birth of their first child Kiera Erin ❤

Funny thing about facebook…. I learned a couple things about the new Mom & Dad to help me plan this party. For example, Anne LOVES bacon and wrote several times on her wall “Dear Squirrel” throughout her pregnancy & Sean LOVES Anne, baseball & his BMW.  Sean has always been very special to me,(you too Anne!) and he is just so much fun when he is opening up gifts. So, along with Sean’s 3 beautiful sisters & my #1 sister in law Colleen we put it all together into a very girly & squirrelly party.

First things first, hand make 40 squirrel invites- done. Plan the menu- got it. Order pink polka dot balloons- perfect. Dig out “Nut’s” the beanie baby, scored big here.. even found the little one!

The day I set out to make the chocolate cupcakes with a maple buttercream frosting topped with a chocolate dipped bacon garnish was pretty much one of those days I shouldn’t have stepped in the kitchen lol! First off I’m going to blame it all on Allie- who was home that morning & I’m pretty sure made me lose my focus. First off I measured off the wrong amount of cocoa(more than doubling it-) followed by forgetting the 4 eggs. Fine- easy fix.  I had made a special trip to Sur La Table in Edina to get these cute new shaped cupcake liners… Isn’t the rule of thumb “fill 2/3rds full ?” Off they went in the oven- and out they came in a sea of molten lava. Dang. With no time to mess around I baked off 31 more (1/2 full…) with no problems. Needing more desserts and still trying to incorporate the squirrel theme I had nuts on my mind- (ACORNS…). Looking at the big mess on the tray and loving that saying “When life gives you lemons…”  I set out to make acorn cake pops from the big mess- mission accomplished : )

With balloons everywhere, salads prepared, Bacon nuts & cinnamon honey butter, really good punch lol, and some awesomely delish strawberry mojito’s we were ready to party. It was so much fun having everyone come- for many it was the first time to see our new house. Our biggest surprise was my favorite Mother in law Marge came too!! The girls had GREAT games & prizes and lots of presents opened & laughter! The girls brought me the most beautiful flowers and an amazing candle!

To top it off Anne & Sean gave me a huge bag of gourmet treats for my kitchen & the best thing- Anne made me an apron with my new logo on it! (Yes, for all that know me I had tears running down my cheeks) That is one of those gifts that went straight to my heart.

I love you Sean & Anne! Congratulations on your amazing little girl! As I tell all new parents- take as many pictures with the best camera you can afford … you will always have those pictures to help you relive the most incredible time of your lives.

PS!!!! I want to wish everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with love!! Also, I will be posting a picture of a gift I’m working on for baby Kiera as soon as I’m done!!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Kiera

  1. Thank you so much! The photos are fantastic but do not do justice to the exquisite detail and love that you put into the party! The food was delicious and your beautiful home was amazing! Thank you for carrying on the Squirrel theme so creatively. Anne referred to Kiera as the Squirrel when she could feel her bouncing around during pregnancy.

    Thank you, Craig, Chelsie & Allie for the wonderful shower for our little miracle. We love you all very much!

    And congratulations, Mama Carp! An amazingly talented and incredibly thoughtful woman has a powerful voice – thank you for sharing your impeccable hosting, gifting, cooking and decorating secrets! We are all thankful for you!

    Much love, Sean, Anne & Kiera

    1. Sean & Anne- Thank you both for such an amazing comment- I had so much fun helping out with your shower- I’m sending Kiera’s quilt to you tomorrow!! I love you both and can’t wait to see this beautiful new addition grow up with her awesome parents ❤

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