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Some weeks are better than others….

Good morning!  I thought I would share this morning’s sunrise with you : ) The ice is forming and no snow…I love it !



I celebrated my 49th birthday on Saturday and attended a very beautiful wedding of a very beautiful couple Shane & Maxine ❤  We met Shane when we started flip # 3. Tyler & Shane met out at the sight with the instructions to take out dirt from a room in the basement (Thank God it had a walk out!) The previous owners had put on an addition.  It wasn’t too bad except for the fact that they left an enormous tree stump and the ground in the room! They boys became fast friends, took out 100 loads of dirt and when they were done they had fun by jumping off the roof into the pile of dirt they created! Ty & Shane have been great buddies ever since! Shane was home on leave from the Marines last fall and asked if I would make him his last meal before he left to Japan the next day. As his second Mama I was off to buy the biggest steaks I could find. He brought “Maxine” to dinner- I knew the minute I met her she would be the one! Shane and Max soon become engaged and were married on 12-01-12… how awesome! Tomorrow he makes his long journey back and will be joined by his new Bride soon.



Yesterday I had vein surgery on my right leg. You know when they say- well, there could be complications but it rarely happens… right… Always is my case. I should just plan on it every time. To say the least it was not fun and going back today is nothing I care to do. Today is my left leg (which I had had a previous vein dissection performed 21 years ago.) I received a lot of great qualities from my Mother but her veins were not one of them. What’s interesting about today is that Craig will be having one of his legs done as well. Most couples go out for lunch, take up lessons etc… no, not us lol. But one thing for sure, we know who’s going to be in more pain haha. I have to say the vein dissection was a lot more fun than this new “easier” way. The pain pill that I was given before did NOTHING for what I went through. The Italian Margarita after at Olive Garden did more good and I’ll guarantee you It’ll be a repeat today. And as far as the lovely Jobes stockings… Getting them  back on this morning is like trying to put a blow-up mattress back in the teeny tiny box it originally came in. Needless to say, the “no exercising” for two weeks apparently didn’t include this- I was breathing quite heavily –that’s sad. I will try really hard to get some better posts on here as soon as I can- Have a wonderful day – Love t

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