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It’s A Holly Jolly Christmas!

It’s the final push – 2 days to go and a reminder to all who aren’t even close to being ready- BREATHE.

It will all get done, and if it doesn’t that’s ok. Your family will love you no matter what. Well, unless your really a Grinch type in which I suggest a self-help blog lol. Every year I tell myself I’m going to be relaxed and really take in the season….. next year. I so appreciate all of the Mom’s out there. It’s a lot of work- and you all know what I mean- but if it’s any consolation I get it and you’re doing an amazing job.

Yesterday luckily I had a productive day.  I packed up & delivered 14 of 17 confection boxes . They must have been good- I was asked if they could be ordered for a company   : )


Today was all about flip # 3, trying hard to finish up a new bedroom in the basement for new renters on the 1st. I think I’m retiring from the construction world…. Or maybe getting a fever & chills means I’m coming down with something at the absolute worst time. Please please please be gone when I wake up!

Tyler took his last final on Thursday- I am sooo very proud to say that he is now a senior at the U of M!!! He is only 21 and has worked incredibly hard to get to where he’s at- Congratulations Tyler ❤

Here is a couple of pictures of past gifts I whipped up. It’s amazing what some paper, tape & love can turn into. Last year I made cards for my Mother in law to mail out- she loved sending out cards but She was starting to have a tough time about this time last year- oh how I love her ❤

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I love the little details that I’ve tried to gather through the year about my family & friends. Favorite colors, favorite flavors- things that they are into, things that make them happy & things that they might be having a hard time with- that is my best way to try to find the “perfect” gift. It doesn’t have to be big- sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Hang in there ❤  love,t


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