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Flip #4 – Chelsie’s House

With Chelsie getting a full time job 45 minutes away (in good weather) it was time to look for something a little closer for her to buy. This house went on the market and Craig & I whipped over there….

Walking into this was pretty wild. There was a lot to look at-


We asked Chels to take a peek while on break at work that night. So funny- She walked in, looked around, looked me in the eye and said Mom- I don’t have time to clean a toilet more less this- I can’t do this- tell Dad I’m sorry….. and… out the door she went.

I understood, it takes a vision and a lot of character lol and I knew she’d love it. I called her later and promised that it would all be ok – trust me ❤ Her Dad would not steer her wrong!!!!

Typically there is usually 1 hole in the wall when it’s a foreclosure, usually at the entrance before they leave. I understand completely. This flip broke all records with us… a whopping 67 holes in total. Craig & I knew that the sheetrock would only take a couple days to fix. Not a deal breaker. The blue paint throughout the house and the kitchen was soooo bad! I knew that we would NOT be decorating with any form of blue in that house ever!!




When the water was turned on there was some fast moving- something was messed up when it was winterized. It’s amazing how quick you move when you discover that there are no water shut offs in the whole main (upper) level. With the water finally shut off and under control we knew that was our first priority lol- sometimes you just have to wonder.  The cabinet in the upper bathroom was removed to get a shut off installed in there… and again, you never know what’s in the walls of your house… 22 baby bottles- and holy cats did they smell!


They were either full or part full of milk from who knows when. Doing these houses makes you a great detective- the bedroom behind that vanity had a hole in the wall from the doorknob being slammed into it. It was the kid’s room. If you were a little kid with a bottle you’d understand that it was the same shape and into the hole it goes- fun for a little kid! I bet their Mom could not figure out where all those bottles went! (or the house phone, phone charger and miscellaneous happy meal toys : ))

The outside of the house needed some major curb appeal. Craig really shines at this-it’s amazing, anytime you put siding on a house it’s just plain magic. The neighbors were lovin’ this : )





The house was finished up and Miss Chelsie has since made friends for life with her roomie’s and she is pretty darn happy with the end result ❤




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