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2013, a new year for all of us… 2012 was actually a great year for me, nothing in particular just good : )

I kinda’ stopped doing the resolution thing a long time ago. I was tired of feeling like I failed something I said I was going to do. Too much pressure! My niece Kris picks a “word” for herself for the year instead, I think this is ingenious! She has successfully done this for 12 years now. I’ve had a few days to assess some thoughts for myself ….

I’m excited for this coming year… I have a Daughter getting married in September & I’m turning 50 in December. O.K. so I’m super excited for Chelsie & Ryan’s wedding- not so much on the turning 50…  all though having that opportunity would be an awesome thing lol. With those things in mind it gave me my way of thinking for the coming year.  A year until 50- I’m not getting older, just coming into my own.

So…. Here’s my notes:

I will continue my vita-mix breakfast drinks at least 5 times a week. I have seen firsthand how strong my immune system is by doing this (I will post my Vita mix breakfast base asap)

I have battled a weight problem my whole life. I need to focus on working out for my health & no other reason. Allie, kettlebells are next!!I

I will no longer “lay out” in the sun. I have come to the conclusion that it’s not fun to have that uncomfortable feeling of burned skin just to have a tan that lasts for hardly any amount of time (that deems the possibility of getting skin cancer) even worth it.

My incredible morning coffee was clearly in need of restructuring. It doesn’t mean I can no longer froth one up…. It just means that my amazing mocha’s will be a Saturday thing and the rest of the days will be on a lower calorie regimen….( I didn’t say this was going to be fun…) BUT, I can do this.

Fresh air, chocolate & water are all really good things  : )

I need to finally go through my clothes & apply anything I may have learned on TLC’s what not to wear. Clearly spaghetti straps are not my friend. Neither are short shorts, mini-skirts and anything too clingy that may have remained in my drawers from many moons ago. I will find new things that not only look awesome but make me feel good about myself.

Shoes…. everyone knows Craig & I have a shoe fetish- sorry Chels… I believe that may have been handed down to you lol!!!!!! I need to realize that shoes need to be comfortable & that I need to hunt for ones that are still really cute. I’ve come to a point in my life where I no longer can wear the tall stilettos –sad.

I need to continue surrounding myself with people that are good for me & push myself with any talents that are inherently within me. Making something so special for someone is one of the things in my life that I just can’t get enough of.

I will continue to “greet every living creature” with a smile. This line is from my favorite quote I have lived by since it was handed to me when I was 19. It’s called “Promise yourself” by Christian D. Larson & yes, it’s under my favorite quotes on my blog if you’d like to read it in full.

Lastly, I will keep my infinite faith in God, my beautiful  family <3, my love for Angels,  good chocolate & awesome coffee beans close to my heart-  A very happy & Healthy new year to all of you! Whether you have a resolution, a word for the year or a list of things you hope to make you a better person, I wish you luck in succeeding what you set out to do in this coming year- Love & cheers ❤ Teri

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