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A really FRESH cup of Kona Coffee…


Aloha! With a 24 hour notice Craig & I flew to Kona, Hawaii. Yea, I know… both of our faults for not checking the paperwork a little sooner… with bags packed we arrived on the biggest (and newest) of the Hawaiian Islands. We spent 9 days at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. Realizing that Kona coffee was a product from here, made my coffee experience a whole new thing. Usually I’m a one cup a day girl- but not this week! The grounds here at the Hilton are 62 acres and over the top in landscaping & accommodations. I can safely say that walking took on a whole new meaning, and my newly vein stripped legs were in a little bit of a shock the first couple of days.  I figured that what better way to get them back in shape! There is a tram that is available as well as really cool boats to get you around but sometimes it was just easier to huff it lol. Here is our view from our balcony-

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It’s a given that I have Island blood in me so any opportunity to sit under a palm tree & take in the turquoise water I will take! It just gives me more opportunity to snap away with my camera & try to capture some of the greatest creations on earth. It’s been awhile since we’ve traveled without the kids… unfortunately it’s a business trip for Craig. Sad tho, I really miss my travel companions- really. Craig & I did get a chance to work out a few times, hit the tennis courts & of course dance the night away. We’ve met some wonderful people from all around the states & almost managed to get Craig through a vacation without getting sick…. Well, almost…. It was a good time- feeling very blessed &and ready to hit it hard again back home! (and see my kids!!! <3)

I tried to capture some flowers, whales, waves ,a Luau & a sunset in case you can’t get away this year, I know it’s not the same thing as being there but sometimes it helps ❤

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It was a wonderful trip. The last day was the BEST- Craig & I spent the entire day together and had the most fun! Aloha Kona, Hawaii- and mahalo ❤

2 thoughts on “A really FRESH cup of Kona Coffee…

  1. We went there for our 25th anniversary with SF and we didn’t want to come home…it is a fantastic, unbelieveable place to vacation. It was so wonderful to see all the beauty again that is there thru your, once again, amazing pics. Thanks Teri…so enjoyed it all, and,of course, Craig takin it all in!

  2. Thank you ! It is such an amazing place- not one spot that wasn’t thought out! The food was awesome as well, found a few ideas to bring back home for everyone : )

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