Celebrate the Seasons ♥ · Winter

Hello From The Frrrrozen Tundra!

Yes, its January here in Minnesota- otherwise referred to as the frozen tundra, the ice box, the place where people always ask me- why do you live there?! It’s easy, we’re tough & we have heart and besides we were born here and its home. We are going into -15 below for the next two days. It doesn’t stop a lot of people from doing their regular routines… a lot of people ignore all the warnings from the weatherman and ice fish, play pond hockey, snowmobile etc. because, well… they can?!! Lol


This was taken last night, wind gusts were 50-60 mph and by midnight we hit 2⁰ with a wind chill of -23⁰. Definitely a chilly end to Minnesota Hockey day! It was great to finally watch the Minnesota Wild hit the ice in a 4-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche – and yes despite the weather it was a sellout crowd at the Xcel Energy Center : )

I do have to show you one more picture- not only are we tough, apparently we are creative as well!uwZL19N_MVZ6Sv1i5EzQB6JtmraRJPmtTsO_uzZdQC4

This is straight out from our house… never a boring time doing the dishes haha. In honor of our ice box temps today & tomorrow I thought I’d take out a vintage recipe from my Mother’s collection-

Swedish” ice box” cookies– I remember them fondly growing up <3. They aren’t all fancy & such, but more of a homey traditional dunking type. She said the recipe came from her Swedish friends that she grew up with in Delano, Minnesota.


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