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The Wedding Ring

The wedding star quilt from designer Judy Niemeyer is an amazing work of art. I give Judy a lot of credit to create one of the oldest and most beloved quilt patterns in a foundation paper piecing kit. Being that I fall into these two categories as a quilter (Bali fabrics and foundation paper piecing) made it my kind of quilt. Unfortunately having learned a different way of paper piecing made this a challenge. This kit was put away in a drawer (quilter’s time-out) for at least 9 times lol. I was trying to make this in the middle of all of the house flips when I didn’t have a lot of time or patience. This posed a frustrating problem because I really wanted it done.  I use my quilts as anchors in my decorating- I find that you can really tie in the entire room by doing this. And with finally moving into our new house I knew exactly where it was going. So, out of the drawer, back on the table for the tenth time, and as I was scooping it up to go back in the drawer once more, Tyler came in. He knew I was frustrated by the instructions and being my incredible rock with such an amazing old soul he said “Ma, throw away the instructions- you know how to do this”. Oh how I love that kid. I put the instructions in the box and it was done a few days later. Problem solved.









Quilting by The Country Loft ❤

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