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My reason for not hating birthdays anymore

Today is a special day- January 24th. In my very first “Featured Friend” post I introduced you to one of my dearest friends Debbie. For those of you who read it, I spoke of her Son Matthew who died of Brain cancer three years ago. Today is Matthews’s birthday and he would have been 20 years old. Matthew was so very special to me and will always have a very big spot in my heart. His Sister Jessica (also one of my featured friends) wrote this on her face book page today and it just speaks of the love surrounding their family. I felt the need to share what she wrote-

“In honor of Matthew’s birthday today, I want to share the love Matthew had for our Mom with everyone. 

In May of 2009, Matthew started to have intense pain (seizures, decrease in vision, unable to walk, etc) due the cancer taking over his body. Matthew and I would sleep in the porch every night (worked best since he could no longer walk and he would be in there all day). He would wake up multiple times the middle of the night groaning in pain, and I would know to go get his pain medication. Every time that I would get the medicine, Matthew would say, “I don’t want the medicine, go get Mom… Mom is better than any medicine”. And he was not kidding! 🙂 I would go wake up my Mom and she would come and lay with him. Whenever she was with him, he was never in pain. At this time Matthew was 16 years old. How many 16-year-old boys have that kind of relationship with their Mom’s? I am so glad that I snuck this quick photo of Matthew cuddling with Mom!
Everyone that spent time with Matthew, knew that he loved his Mom. As he was quoted many times saying, “I love Mom the best!”, and “Don’t leave me, Mom”.

Watch Matthew’s story here:

Happy 20th Birthday Matthew!!! ♥ We love and miss you!”


I was so taken by how Matthew always said ”Mom, I love you the most” that I made this quilt for Deb ❤ BHfM6J-B9c3UHb_QkOeL7uUlhapFp7nfcnZSosh2_lk

Deb, Jessica, Ashley & Alexandra ❤


Happy birthday Matthew- all of my love, Teri


4 thoughts on “My reason for not hating birthdays anymore

  1. What an absolutely precious tribute to them all —especially Matthew! It was very touching and I felt the serene love. How extraordinarily special for such a relationship between son and mother. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for spreading love. They will never forget you.

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