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Random Acts of Kindness

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching… I am thinking of LOVE ❤

I have always been a big advocate for random acts of kindness.   I want to hear good news & inspiring stories that will fill my heart (and yours!) with love. Enter my Random Acts of Kindness contest for a chance to win this custom made tote valued at $150.00.


All you have to do is first “like” my Mama Carp Face Book page (not this post- although that would be nice too!), then under this post tell me of a random act of kindness that you have done. With each post I will write your name on a slip of paper and submit it into a jar. To celebrate the day I reach my 25,000 view on my Mama Carp blog I will pick one name out of the jar & will announce the winner!  I’m at 21,221 as of today.

I recently traveled with my tote for the first time- and let me tell you I was super impressed at how much easier it made my life and how many people noticed it everywhere I went!!!

Enter as many times as you like. I’m interested in hearing everyone’s stories! Please be truthful & share something you’ve done to make a difference in someone’s day/life.

“They may not remember your name, but they will remember the way you made them feel”

Here’s to all the heartwarming stories – may they inspire you, put a smile on your face & make your heart swell! Love & hug’s, Teri ❤

14 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. One of the sushi bars some of us frequent for business lunches in the Greater DC area has a fantastic weekday buffet – Japanese, not Chinese knock-off. I’d long wanted to take my family there but they stopped serving the buffet on weekends.

    Over the Christmas break, we managed to get over there one weekday between Christmas and New Years. My girls pounded that maki and sashimi – so aggressively I had to enforce the 3 minute rule: set your chopsticks down for 3 minutes between bites.

    When I returned from my second trip – I saw a woman of about my age and a handsome young man enter the faux pagoda. He was lean, well groomed and rigid. His military bearing gave him away, but I didn’t confirm this until I saw the beads of a dog tag on the back of his neck. I could tell by the way they were dressed that this meal was somewhat of an extravagance – not judging, just assessing. I could also tell Mom had maybe never eaten sushi.

    When he came back with a plateful I caught his eye and asked “home on leave?”

    “Yes Sir. Just finished 12 weeks and am headed to Scout School”

    “Hollywood or French marine?”

    “Paris Island”

    “Thank you for your service”

    We continued to enjoy our meals while Private and Mom spoke lowly, if at all. Obviously he’d had his mind set on THIS place and THIS meal. I went back for a few more pieces and stopped at the register. “Please put the tab for the couple behind us on mine, I’d like to buy them lunch. I’ll cover the tip, too.”

    As I returned, the waitress brought them a paid receipt and nodded in my direction. I was wishing she hadn’t but it was pretty obvious.

    Mom looked at me and teared up. “He’s my youngest. I’m just SO proud. Thank you. I can tell you were military, too.”

    “A LONG time ago ☺ Thank YOU. Merry Christmas and keep your head down.”

    Just then I wondered how old I’d gotten as I amost called him SON ☺

    My wife and the girls then opened up and asked if them they were going Christmas shopping or to the movies. We were already feeling festive, but our little impromptu group occupied the tables chit-chatting well past the time we’d all had our fill of spicy tuna.

    I buy beers or meals for G.I.’s frequently during layovers, but this was far more meaningful because my family got to participate and at once understood the subtitles of risk, sacrifice and patriotism as defined in each of their consciences. My Russian wife expressed her gratitude, our daughter, a high school senior saw him as a contemporary and 9 year old Emily has seen pictures of me in uniform.

    All that Marine and his mother got was a complimentary meal – but we felt so much good will that it buoyed our spirits for hours and set an example of selflessness and appreciation for our family.

  2. As you know I drive a school bus again! Not much money but the satisfaction of making a difference in these kids lives is worth more than money.

    One of my schools is an elementary school,where the kids don’t have much if anything. I have one particular little girl who just warms my heart she is a kindergarten student with a few older siblings on the bus. We have been having some very cold snaps, nothing like MN but cold for us. The older sister is in 5th grade and always makes sure her little brother and sister have things before her, including gloves, hats etc. one day I took my daughters coat that she refuses to wear and gave it to this 5th grader… Both of us were on the verge of tears as she proudly put this coat on.

    I am sure you remember my post about my morning breakfast at chik fil a and the car who paid for my breakfast and so I kept it going and gave my $7.00 for the car behind me, I often wonder how far this went.

    1. Kathy, you have such a BIG heart!! Because you came from MN I think you understand the whole coat thing! And I bet that family really appreciated your generosity- also YES, I remember that post- it made me want to go out & do that as well! Love to you, teri

  3. Teri, I don’t have one particular story. All I know is I love the rosary. I have prayed ten decades of the rosary, daily, since 2002 (Matthew’s diagnosis).
    I enjoy doing little things all day long… I remember Father Reiser said when your spouse (or anyone) asks for something, you are to say, “It would be my pleasure!”
    I truly feel I am on this earth to serve. Deb Pafko

    1. Oh Debbie, my eyes are filled with tears because I know you all so well -You are the strongest & most giving person around- thank you for posting ! You know I love you, t

  4. This isnt 100% random, but I see a lot of less fortunate people in my line of work – and some for only a few weeks (all their insurance will pay for a nurse..). Earlier this winter we had a referral on a baby patient – they baby was just fine, nice and healthy, but her sweet mother had complications during labor and didnt make it. This poor little girl was sent home with her father, a Chinese man and foreign exchange student at Ohio U, who spoke little English and didnt have any family or close friends in the US. Because of the events surrounding her birth, the family had not yet signed her up for insurance and only had student insurance for themselves, which doesnt cover children. Our office made me aware of this and stated that unless she gets insurance we wouldnt get reimbursed for our visits, and it was up to me if I wanted to take the case. Of course I couldnt say No. I was able to visit the father and baby girl a few times and noticed that he didnt know how to hold her, bathe her, feed her, interact, etc.. and had made a crib out of a suitcase and a couple blankets. I talked to some of my co-workers and we got together a few boxes of baby supplies, diapers, formula, clothes, and even a used crib. I was lucky enough to teach this dad how to cuddle and talk and bath and love on his precious baby girl. I’ll always remember this little family and hope I made life at least a little easier for dad.

    1. Hannah- that’s so incredible! I can’t even imagine this young mans life- I will say a prayer that he will find his way with this little miracle-you have played such a big part in both of their lives and someday it will come back to you! Good job Hannah & thank you so much for sharing your story- I’m sure it will inspire many many people all around the world!!

  5. A recent story that I can think of happened this weekend… Andy and I were shoveling our driveway after the snow storm on Sunday night. After finishing ours, we went over to our neighbors home (they have three young children all under the age of 7) and shoveled their sidewalk and driveway as well. We knew they would appreciate a clean driveway when they got home from their errands (especially since the snow was very heavy that day)!

    1. Jessica- I bet that they were thrilled when they pulled in! That’s the best when you find something done for you and isn’t it also such a great feeling when you know you made someone’s day?! Thank you for sharing this story and tell Andy nice job! I’m putting your name in the jar ❤

  6. About a year ago I was in line at the grocery store, and a woman and her baby where checking out, she only had a check with her, no cash, or card, and the teller wouldn’t except it because she had no form of ID. The woman was so upset and didn’t understand, she did not speak very good English, and began to turn around and put everything back. I noticed packs of diapers, formula, and other baby needs in her cart. Without hesitation I felt the need to buy her things for not only her, but the little baby she had as well.

    This isn’t a story I have really shared, only because it’s not something I would want to gloat about myself on, but it is something that made me feel good, and I feel that it was a deed that would pay itself forward.

    1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with me ❤ situations like that can make you feel amazing … I want to put your name in for the drawing (today?!!) but I need your name you can message me here or on the Mama carp Facebook page – again, thank you for posting ❤ Teri

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