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With Love…


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I’m the type of person that my creativity completely goes wild the few days before any given holiday/celebration. I have no problem working under stress. This makes it really hard to give you guys ideas so I guess posting past pictures will have to be my best bet : ) I didn’t do anything spectacular yesterday… but I accomplished the one thing that meant the most- I gave my family my special Valentines love through their favorite treats. Nothing special, but sometimes it’s those little things that means the most.


I sent Craig off with his shake and a few reminders on it of me ❤


I sent Allie off with fruit dip filled strawberries and heart shaped pita chips in her lunch ❤


I made Tyler his favorite banana snack cake with a familiar old sight from the kids lunch bag days- a love note on his banana ❤


Nothing says love like my chocolate cake for my Hun ❤


Cherry cheese cakes for Chelsie  & Ryan with my favorite bottle of Moscato ❤


And after all that baking I sat down to a quick lunch before I delivered the goods and look what I got!! So, it was a good day after all and now we’re thinking about St. Patties day- Hmmmmmmm

2 thoughts on “With Love…

  1. Good Morning !!
    1)I’m the lucky one
    2) The cheesecake, chocolate & banana are all ready to post in the next few days-
    3) Happy Valentines Day to you !!
    4) I am always adopting ❤
    5) Thanks for making my day !!

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