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Say Hello to My Crafty Courts ♥

Miss Courtney Rose, my beautiful niece from Colorado. It’s hard having a niece that lives so far away- thank God for pictures and visits! These two pictures are from a visit this past summer- it had been 23 years since my brother Ron (Courts Dad) had returned to Minnesota for a visit : )


My beautiful Mom, my oldest brother Ron & Miss Courtney Rose ♥


She is the only child from my oldest brother Ron and her incredible mom Sue ♥ She grew up into quite a stunning young lady!  Courtney graduated from high school in 2004


My mom & sister Jo made the trip to see her graduate- I regretfully could not make it (I hate regrets…)

I made a quilt (and “travel bag” for the quilt) from my mom, Jo & myself for her gift. My sister Jo had called me the day after Courts opened the quilt asking me where the “hidden message” was… I had been stitching in little notes on the back of my quilts- I felt so bad, I didn’t on that one … they looked for a really long time- I felt sooo bad!! lol!!!!  This is a page out of my “Quilt Scrapbook” for Courtney’s quilt.


After graduating from High school she made her big move to San Diego State University. She joined a sorority & had herself a memorable time – friendships to last a lifetime!



She graduated with a degree in Marketing and eventually found her way back home to Colorado. I know her Mama was ecstatic ♥


Courts landed a great job doing Account Management at an online marketing company in Boulder and has been very happy settling into her life there.

Last year she added a roomie by the name of Lola- Lola stole Courtney’s heart and she is the recipient of lots of Instagram pictures for all of us to smile at!


Courtney private messaged me so excited to tell me that she found the craft gene from our side of the family- this was good stuff! I was such a proud Auntie!! It didn’t take long & she was launched into starting a new business adventure after a HUGE response of her goods! Look out world -My Crafty Courts is open for business on Etsy- I am sooo excited for her! She is trying to keep up with the demand & is constantly adding new merchandise- check it out, she seems to know what the younger -hard to buy for – generation wants, check it out-  http://www.etsy.com/shop/lolatresor

P9Sy4JVgmBf1iA9vDZ8lWHrEAhn22DD9jLgcr9fgBeU FgRh8ARPtZ-ULX-6-Yq-HMAWo213--DqEHwMeK-m2kM


I love this little girl – she has a heart of gold, a smile as big as the mountains & she has our crafty gene!


I love you Courts!

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