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Allie, RN

I’m crazy for this girl!!! Allie is my child #2. I told Craig when she was 2 that she would be a doctor. Well, I wasn’t too far off; she is a Registered Nurse and currently going for her Masters.


A 2007 Forest Lake graduate and homecoming queen, Allie was headed to UWEC, Eau Claire, WI.


With Chelsie at UWEC for business, Allie had visited many times her senior year and knew that this is where she wanted to go. Not a lot separates these sisters- how awesome is that?!!


Allie moved into the dorms with Chelsie’s previous roommate Amber. Amber remains a very dear friend for life.


The girls had so much fun while away at college- this is one of my favorite pictures from Halloween.


Eventually, Allie felt that Chippewa Valley Technical College had a nursing program that was really outstanding. They had METI LIVE an advanced medical education simulation system, one of only two in the world! It was located next to UWEC. After a long wait Allie finally started her nursing school. She was still an hour and forty minutes away from us (in good weather). We spent countless hours on the phone to make the drive seem a little shorter. We cherished every minute when we had her home with us ❤

This picture was the last belly rub for Mocha before she headed off for her last semester- Yes, I cried every single time she left.


I have the utmost respect for this girl for pursuing her dreams. Her strength is beyond words. She did well in high school, but when Allie started her medical schooling she excelled and earned a 4.0 and graduated at the top of her class. I always say she just speaks the “language”.


Her pinning ceremony was an incredible event for me. I literally cried the entire time. I was so unbelievably proud of her. She did it. We did it.


She doesn’t let anything stop her even when she’s not feeling the greatest. She has such a sweet spirit and such a big heart – she has empathy like no other.

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I wanted to give her something special for her graduation gift. I wanted something just for her, maybe a ring with one of her favorite stones? We looked several times for alexandrite, aquamarine, amethyst and nothing was “it”. As we kept looking I had been working on a new quilt- Allie kept making comments on it while I was working on it… more than any other quilt I had worked on. She loved this one. I was having reservations about the whole ring thing; I didn’t want her special gift to have a possibility to be lost someday. As I was working on that quilt I looked closer at the colors and realized that it held the colors of her favorite stones – and so with a smile on my face I quickly finished it. It was perfect. She was completely surprised ❤


It was complete with a name plate marking the occasion on the back.


She started as an RN at an assisted living residence. She was the only nurse there with 25 dementia patients. They hugged her and told her she’s beautiful, sometimes several times a day – lol. She is amazing with them! Allie even had the rare opportunity to have her Grandma Marge in her care as well. Recently Allie made the decision to become a full time hospice nurse and still gets to see her Grandma twice a week. Her favorite thing to do as a quick visit is jump in bed with Miss Marge and they take “sefies”!!! I think of all the things this girl is to going to do in her career and this by far will be her best memory ❤  Back in college she loved her internship at Sacred Heart Hospital’s CCU (critical care unit) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up in that area of a hospital someday. She told me that she loved being able to communicate with/ for the patients with the ventilators. She is so amazing to me – I am so lucky to have this little girl- she is capable of great things. Here is a link to something she had written on her face book page, I read it and knew I needed to share- this post ended up being my second highest post to be read to date on Mama Carp- way to go Aller!! Please click to read ❤ “In that moment”
To view the making of Allie’s Glacier Star quilt– (press this link to view the gallery).

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    1. Amber, those girls just love you so much- sooo many great memories! I remember the first time we met you- and now you and Chels are both getting married – so sweet! And it’s amazing to me to have you live with one to the other- what a riot! We love you !!!

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