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Iden Avenue Court North

In 2001, we were snug as a bug living in Blaine until one day Craig came home and said we were buying a lot in Forest Lake. That really didn’t  go over that great. We had built once before (the house we were in then) so building again was of huge interest- change is good right? No one had to ask when the word got out- everyone knew Forest Lake would be where we landed. We had spent all of our boating days there and I knew eventually it would happen. We spent over a month on a plan we wanted- until we found out that it wouldn’t work on that particular lot. That’s where the saying- “If you want to play the game, you need to know the rules” became really evident. With that said we had three days to finalize a new plan?!


So Friday(day one) we went through many drawers of plans, found one… located the actual house, went through it quickly, stole the framer working on it lol, and spent countless hours the next two days (and nights) doing “our thing” to it. A ton of changes to the main level- slab on grade w/crawl space and COMPLETELY redrew the entire upstairs. We messed with EVERYTHING in short order. We did pad corrections on the weekend before Mother’s day, and broke ground on Mother’s day. Funny thing, the snapping turtles migrated from the pond in the back through the lot and laid eggs on their way to the lake…..



Tom our framer was one of the most talented guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. As usual, framing goes so fast and it’s amazing to see your ideas come to life. Now starts the details which takes forever it seems. I do prefer building to flipping though.


As fall neared I knew that I was in for some crazy days. The kids started school in the FL district so I would be driving 18 miles each way. Not a big deal since I’d be at the house anyways. The days where you’d hear one of the kids mention that they accidently forgot a back pack was makings for a crabby driver.




We moved on my birthday, Dec.1st to my Mother in laws house nearby. Our house had sold in Blaine and we weren’t quite done with the new house yet. Miss Marge gave up her beautiful home to us for “as long as we needed it” She is SUCH a woman to LOVE! Determined to have our first Christmas in the new house, I ripped off the floor coverings and christened the new kitchen with a feast and a half!


We moved into the new house the day before New Year’s Eve. I was excited to sew window treatments, wallpaper, and faux paint the walls.





Craig & I had an AMAZING time designing, building, decorating & landscaping this home! The memories and friends that came into our lives through that house were incredible. We would end up living there for 7 ½ years (seems to be the thing seeing as though that’s the exact time in the previous two houses!) When we announced that we were moving again- Allies best friend Cassie so sweetly said to me- “Your moving?… but we grew up in this house!” Yes, we did! It was a beautiful time of their teenage years filled with an incredible amount of milestones! But with the new house comes the next chapter of our lives- engagements, showers, weddings & babies!!! It will be amazing!
These pictures were shot right before we rented it (click on photo to view larger)-

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