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My First Milestone

I am so very excited to hit my 25,000 view! Just under 5 months and I have had a wonderful time with you ❤ I put all of the names in the bag and mixed & mixed & mixed!! Miss Allie did the honors and I am pleased to announce the winner of my “Random Acts Of Kindness” – here is her story ❤

“This isnt 100% random, but I see a lot of less fortunate people in my line of work – and some for only a few weeks (all their insurance will pay for a nurse..). Earlier this winter we had a referral on a baby patient – they baby was just fine, nice and healthy, but her sweet mother had complications during labor and didnt make it. This poor little girl was sent home with her father, a Chinese man and foreign exchange student at Ohio U, who spoke little English and didnt have any family or close friends in the US. Because of the events surrounding her birth, the family had not yet signed her up for insurance and only had student insurance for themselves, which doesnt cover children. Our office made me aware of this and stated that unless she gets insurance we wouldnt get reimbursed for our visits, and it was up to me if I wanted to take the case. Of course I couldnt say No. I was able to visit the father and baby girl a few times and noticed that he didnt know how to hold her, bathe her, feed her, interact, etc.. and had made a crib out of a suitcase and a couple blankets. I talked to some of my co-workers and we got together a few boxes of baby supplies, diapers, formula, clothes, and even a used crib. I was lucky enough to teach this dad how to cuddle and talk and bath and love on his precious baby girl. I’ll always remember”

Thank you for sharing this story Hannah- and congratulations on your new tote!

A HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who shared their story – it is exactly what we all needed to read ❤

Maybe we should do something like this again on the next 25,000 : ) Thanks for checking in on me here, Love to you all, Teri ❤

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