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My Rio de Janeiro…for now


I walked past a piece of batik and it reminded me of a place I hope to one day visit- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


It had incredible depth of color and SUCH a huge range to play with ❤


The colors came together effortlessly- it was beautiful. I had nowhere in particular for this quilt to go…

Craig walked in, saw this pile and said Wow! That’s going to look amazing downstairs!! Off he went to work & off I went downstairs with the pile. It was like magic- he was right, it looked perfect down there and I now had a place for this beautiful quilt.

I chose the pattern “Morning Glory” by Jacqueline de Jonge. I knew I wanted it bigger so without a question the border from Karen K. Stone’s “New York Beauty” quilt would cap it all off.


My pictures building this quilt out are hiding on me… so here you see the center done and planning out the outer borders.


Mr. Mocha was curled up on the unfinished quilt one morning-so it’s “Mocha approved” lol


Borders done, next comes the New York Beauty border : )


This picture is a great reminder to NOT take pictures with my cell phone- not worth it… oh well, here is Karen’s gorgeous border going together- my absolute favorite of all borders! I did need to extend the ends to fit the new size.



VERY happy with the results- now off to the quilter!!







It turned out beautiful and now to finish the basement around it ❤

Quilting by -The Country Loft

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