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Catching Up

Spring greetings!! I hope all is well with you and life is treating you good ❤


This incredible picture was taken by a very talented friend of mine from high school- I believe this is the last snow (I HOPE!) Thank you Curt Erickson for letting me share your gift of photography!!!

I have been doing a whole lot of little things lately. Seems like winter is taking its sweet ole time leaving us here. I have been sewing totes in between getting taxes together in the meantime. Well, I’m happy to report that Allie & I have been faithfully doing kettle bells twice a week for 3 months straight. We have the SWEETEST place EVER to go to here in Forest Lake. I cannot wait to do my new friends (the owners) as my featured friends  : ) Of course I was hoping to have this miraculous weight loss lol but instead my weight has gone up. I just never have had an easy time with this weight of mine…. If I didn’t cook so much maybe I’d have a chance. BUT- I do have to say it’s only been 3 months and I have finally found not only the type of exercise I LOVE, but the place, the trainers and the people that come there to work out with…. Especially my Aller- she is the bestest of the best & would be lost without her. Also the results are back from my yearly check-up and proud to say that my blood pressure is down and I am no longer pre-diabetic! It’s a proud feeling when your health care provider comes in and says it’s the happiest and healthiest she has ever seen me- YAY!!

So, if you couldn’t tell from all that – I LOVE KETTLE BELLS! Thank you Chris, Tam & Jesse ❤ ❤ ❤

Well, has everyone planned their Easter menu?! I believe we are going picnic style this year… don’t forget that most grocery stores are closed the midnight before- I made that mistake one year-NEVER AGAIN!! So make your list and go now!!! My Easter traditions are pretty basic- no meat on Fridays- sushi has been a great new thing to do … Allie & I even got Craig to join us last week. He is a little sushi leery but after we dragged him to our favorite little spot he sure put them away lol!! I still make Easter baskets for my kids. I would get pretty creative on the vessels… but after they were done scarfing down the goods they would return them back to me and my craft room has no room – and yes, every year I had to find new ones. I was thinking maybe I could sell them on ebay lol. After collecting these stacks I realized that there needed to be another way to do these Easter baskets. They needed to be throwable …Chinese take-out containers-PERFECT!!! Cute bags-AWESOME!, confection boxes- GREAT !!! Be creative, as long as it holds Easter grass and lots of candy, your golden! And hide them-make them work for it!! And don’t forget to make cute name tags- it’s the little things ❤


Yesterday was extra special- Chelsie, Ryan, Craig & I went to the swanky Calhoun Beach Club for wedding food tasting! Damico & Sons put on the most FABULOUS affair! I had waaaay to much fun & can’t wait to do this with Allie & Tyler someday ❤ We sampled 6 hors d’oeuvres,2 salads, fresh baked breads,4 main courses, 3 cakes-OMG, 5 miniature desserts, champagne, white wine , red wine & coffee…YUM.



Craig messing with the wedding planner…. She did good!

As far as my kettle bell class last night- well- as a rule you don’t want to eat even 2 hours before…. Not a good time for Teri… lol. Well, I’ll be posting soon ( some Easter things) and until then, take the time to go outside- breathe the fresh air & listen to the birds sing, Spring is on its way ❤

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. woo whoo! as a nurse i just HAVE to say congrats on the great news from your doctor appointment!! THAT is what you should strive for – a healthy & happy inside is WAY more important than what you look like on the outside! way to go!

    1. Thank you Hannah – you and Allie could not be more caring RN’s ❤ No matter how much I hurt from KB's I love going !!! Maybe by the wedding the outside will look better too !

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