Feature Friend

Permanent Heart Resident

Have you ever met that one person that will forever inhabit your heart? Where no time or distance would matter in where you last left off?


One day, while in my back yard I met Dorothy. It was an immediate friendship. She had just moved into the neighborhood with her husband and three darling little boys. Her oldest, Patrick was in Chelsie’s grade, Michael her middle child was Tyler’s age & Kevin was a curly haired 2 year old. It was Michael’s birthday and they were walking through the backyard looking for new friends… Tyler’s birthday was only 1 day later- needless to say they also became best friends.


My kids adored Miss Dorothy! She was a Nintendo playing, fun loving Mom. At that time was the big beanie baby rush. Yes, we would travel high & low in our mini-vans trying to obtain the impossible- we put on many miles & downed many happy meals lol!


Fuddruckers was a favorite spot- we even had our own table : ) Fires in the backyard, birthday parties, Halloween and oh- my favorite- the 3 AM black Friday event. I had never done a “Black Friday” She convinced me to go. Three AM?! Yes, she pulled up in a truck that I hardly ever saw her drive- she saw the look on my face and said- you might want to grab a Dr. Pepper lol… All I have to say is I DO NOT DO BLACK FRIDAYS ANYMORE! That was insane. Never again.


Dorothy even took my kids for a week while Craig & I were on vacation- now that’s a good friend. Dorothy & I shared another thing that was so very special- our kitties were sisters from my Mother in laws first batch of Persians that she bred.  She raised Jasmine and then also raised a sweet little kitty boy named Aladdin. I know the joy she had with them ❤

Originally from Northern California, she married a military man from New York, New York. They traveled to Philippines, Hawaii and Japan. Eventually John retired from the military and was now working in management for Wal Mart. They ended up residing in Blaine, Minnesota.


She is an amazing cook and has this adventurous spirit. Dorothy LOVES to drive- she will just up and go Grand Canyon, the Black Hills or all the way back to California! She is the perfect Mom for three boys! And do they ever love their Mama- how could you not?!One day they got word that John was transferred to Wal Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The day Dorothy moved was the worst. I cried for 3 weeks. She would pop in for a visit – yes- a straight 11 hour drive! The problem was that I HATED driving- I never reciprocated. She made a beautiful life for herself and her family there and even opened a business. Dorothy loves to embroider and makes many beautiful things!


Distance is tough on a relationship. Even though it wasn’t like it used to be, we see each other on facebook and occasionally catch up on the phone. Recently she walked me through the “smoking” process (ribs, brisket…yummmm)-  just like the old days, teaching each other really cool things. Dorothy is one of the most caring, supportive and strong women I know. In the last few years she has lost a sister to Lung Cancer and more recently her twin brother to Kidney cancer last summer.


Dorothy & Don


We’re not that old to be losing siblings like that. She has made a few changes through the last few years- her long hair is short, she is an avid tennis player, traded in her mini-van for a red Camaro and also rides a motorcycle!




Nothing would surprise me, it’s that incredible free spirit that I will forever love about my friend Dorothy ❤


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