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You know, sometimes it’s just amazing just where that inspiration comes from!


This quilt called “Untitled” by Karen K. Stone was started the day my Chelsie closed on her first house. Craig, Chelsie & I came out of her closing and walked right into a carpet place selling area rugs for “cheap cheap”. Going through the pile I recognized a rug that I had secretly been drooling over in a magazine. It was ½ the price and in the car it went for the first piece for Chelsie’s new home to be. I’m really pretty good at memorizing colors so through my fabrics I went. I decided to not only match up the area rug but pull in Chelsie’s personality and set the tone for my decorating. So much fun since carpet & paint and a million other components will come into play.


It took about 5 months to flip her house….(

Since I was pretty busy working on her house, the quilt was slooowly progressing. It actually went in my – ok, enough for now…. I’ll catchya’ later drawer.

A while passed and enter Mr. Ryan ♥

Now, a new flip house had evolved (we will show that flip eventually) Out came the quilt from my drawer and this time it was seriously time to get it finished.

It was taking on a really fun “tribal” vibe. Funny thing; Craig walked in my sewing room, looked at it and knew exactly who it was for lol- I’d say he’s getting pretty good!


It’s always a good feeling when it’s ready to go to the quilter. I added my own paper pieced border to make it bigger- it now measures 71” x 71”. This would be the first time that one of my quilts would be in the hands of Quilter Norma Riehm. I was so excited to see she possesses the same whimsy that I do!!! She did a beautiful job & excited to work with her again!

This Christmas Chelsie & Ryan got to see what I had been up to!  I can’t wait to see it in their new living room… when we get a little further we will post the pic’s : )

2 thoughts on ““Untitled”

  1. love love the “untiled ” pattern u used of Karen stones, but have tried to get just that pattern, not on any equilter. Need a written regular, or book pattern. can’t seem to find one anywhere, I have her other books but that one is not in there… help, where to find it???
    love your stuff. fantastic,
    Diane Dougherty

    1. Hi Diane – someone else asked me as well , two suggestions- first try to get a hold of Karen Stone and secondly on the home page of my website follow me on facebook then you can private message me ❤

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