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Flip #6- The Veranda

Back to flip #6- our house… So, to refresh your memory, here is the first picture of the back of the house, August, 2009.


The open arched windows on the left is everyone’s favorite room- the veranda.

Veranda- : a porch, usually roofed and sometimes partly enclosed, that extends along an outside wall of a building

Again, this house being a foreclosure and completely stripped, it was a perfect scenario for Craig & I. This next picture is also from the first day we were allowed to go in. As you can see it had plain 12 x12 tiles, no fans and very dirty. I did not take me long to put a couple lawn chairs out there … we only lived 3 streets away while we were working on this and when Craig couldn’t find me, he knew exactly where I was- with a cup of coffee, a quilt & a couple good cook books ❤ This room of the house wasn’t part of the first 5? ( lol ) phases- so a cleaning up was all it got for the first couple of years.


The fans were installed the spring of 2011- just the look I wanted.


Craig surprised me in the fall of 2011. I came home and he had one of the tiles in his hand…. He said it was loose. I know the little boy look on his face when he did something naughty…. I looked out at the veranda and there were at least 12 tiles pulled up because they bugged him. Well, that was one area of this house I never thought that would get replaced. I WAS SO EXCITED. I absolutely love how we try to come up with how we would have it. I turned around and there the idea was- the back of the stove.


It was perfect- we set out the next day for a tile/lunch date. We had to move quickly on this as it was late October. We found exactly what we wanted and working against the weather was a trick.


There was a LOT of correction work needed to be done before we could have the new tile laid.


Yes, that’s a kitchen towel on my face…. So, guess what happens when there are strong gusty fall winds and there’s a window open somewhere in the house and you have the veranda door cracked open for the electrical cord?….


Yeah… after a morning working on grounding out the old floor came an afternoon of cleaning all the dust from the “vacuum” the house had created-thanks for helping Allie!

You gotta love how the kitties help out… I wish I could lay around and look cute.


After a few days of the new foundation setting up, the guys were ready to roll.


They were so awesome on how they got it to technically work out with the 3 drains. Not an easy task. After careful inspection, Miss Truffles gave it two paws up!


Next came the listello border and the remaining outside tiles and the grout.


All that was left for me to do was to put on a sealer. And out went the chairs! Unfortunately for the cold fall weather we would have to wait for spring to enjoy the new floor…. But we were very fortunate that the weather cooperated the way it did to finish the job!


Last spring, Craig bought me these beautiful window boxes for Mother’s Day!!! It was exactly what the back of the house needed – Thanks Hun ❤


This is the favorite room of the family. I am able to take pictures from here that are pretty awesome-you can’t help but feel very blessed and fortunate.


Morning mist


Calm waters




And my Eagle pics ❤ (this was from 3 days ago; he must be building a nest somewhere!)


And as much as all of us Minnesotans are really done with winter I thought I would share with you what our April looks like- Not Happy….. we were on the lake at this point last year-


I will be posting what we did to the front of this house very soon- until then, send us some sun and a heat wave!!! Love, t

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