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Minnesota’s April 2013- Fail….


Ok, so last year we were spoiled by an early spring, but come on! I don’t ever remember a spring this bad! We literally had no April- the joke definitely was on us. Well, not just us- the poor wildlife is having a tough time too! Even my cat has cabin fever….


Just when you think it’s safe to go outside, we get hit by another weather warning-


Miss Ruby just wants to do a little spring cleaning and find her buried treasures.

This last Sunday morning I saw the funniest thing- Yes, Miss Hunny and her man returned to check out their nest-


It looks as if they didn’t quite understand what was going on…


But the area was thoroughly checked out!


No eggs yet….


Mr. Eagle finally made his return-

– With no open water for fishing, then building a new nest would have to do.

But the saddest thing was this morning- I have a loon that faithfully spends his summer by the end of my dock ❤ it is the sweetest part of my summers! But this morning I looked out and there he sat – in the snow and ice.


He kept looking back like I swear the dock is supposed to be right there…. I worry about him because he has a bum leg… I can’t wait to post of a great photo session I had with him from last summer! Soon- I promise : ) Until then, I hope we can all hang tight- hopefully in the next week  the snow and ice will be gone, we can get out to do some yard work, bon fires, gardens  & then the infamous mosquito season will be upon us….BBBzzzzzzzT !

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6 thoughts on “Minnesota’s April 2013- Fail….

  1. Great pictures! Not much green out there, but you managed to still pick out the beautiful bright spots. Loved all the duck foot prints, I guess I can relate!

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