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She has eyes in the back of her head-


I have always been spooked out with that adage about “Moms have eyes in the back of their head” I have recently concluded that it’s really not true… I believe that they just have angels sitting backwards on their shoulders lol –  I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I needed to do a little something more than my usual sending flowers or gift certificate… my Mom is 86 after all.  So I decided to pick her up and take her to one of my favorite garden places- Gertens. She was SO excited- she called me in the morning just to let me know she was ready to go lol. With Minnesota having such a looong winter this year I knew she had “cabin fever” She has heard me talking about my favorite place for a long time but it was a little further than she would ever drive and far too expansive of grounds for her to walk. BUT, I did know what her favorite flower was and I knew it was located in the first two isles in the entrance. This place is like going to the St. Fair lol… so I drove slowly to show her the different areas. She could not believe it! My Mom was a national African violet judge for years and a Master Gardener so this was food for the soul. Once in the wax begonia isle she was surrounded by every color and variety within that species. There is something so sweet about the role reversal as your Mom gets older- suddenly you’re the strong “adult” and they are the “younger” self that lives simply, appreciates everything and gets so excited to “pick one out”  Just the way they hold their selection took me back to when I was a little girl at the dentist office. I had 8 silver caps – 2 in each corner of my mouth… and was not allowed to eat sticky hard candies because that would mean a trip back to the dentist. With all that work being done, Dr. Sweeney would always kiss me on my very round little cheek, remind me about the candy and out came the big foam tray holding a bazillion beautiful jeweled rings for being good… Picking one was always a big deal- I would hold my selection like it was straight from Tiffanies! This memory came rushing back as Mom stood there trying to pick out her favorite (s) in a rack of jeweled colors ❤  She held each one so special. I snuck my camera in with us and surprised her with a picture to mark our memory. Thinking that a lunch date would make it perfect, she replied that subway or McDonald’s would be great… We went to AppleBee’s lol. I let her order for me, grilled Caesar salads and I added a delicious pretzel & beer cheese appetizer- something she would have never done. Funny thing she enjoyed that the MOST!! We laughed and had the best time ever just me & my Mom.

I believe that whether you have 11 kids or none at all… that every one of us women grows up to be a Mom. God gave us that ability to love beyond our wildest dreams, worry about everything possible, empathy and endless hugs when sickness or problems arise and the feeling of being so proud whether it’s something big or little. We wear many hats, and we all have a tattered cape that we wear each and every day. Maybe the gift of time is more significant than a plastic gift card.  Bring your camera and make a memory… the picture will remind you of your time together and that is one thing you can hold on to when you can no longer hold on to them.

P.S. Mom, I’m sorry for all the times I ate the hard sticky candy …. And Mom, I love you more than you will ever know ❤ Happy Mother’s Day, Teri

2 thoughts on “She has eyes in the back of her head-

  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day, the green houses are especially beautiful this year. Glad you had fun! Great post! I am lucky to have two great sisters, but for the record….Mom…I love you the most!!!! (Your middle child)

  2. We did! So many flowers it was amazing! And somehow, I knew you would say that lol – I probably gave her the most problems out of us three girls …… sorry Mom….

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