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I’m good, how are you?!!

Well, for starts –the snow is finally gone; the lake is back in action and mowing the lawn never felt so good! Yes, I love to mow the yard- Craig is not allowed too lol! I throw on my music and its mindless work with instant gratification. Spring was misplaced this year and summer is turning out to be the same- WHAT IS GOING ON MINNESOTA?!!!! I’m not into the super-hot temp’s and especially not the humidity but its June and a sweatshirt seams kinda wrong.

Well, I have lots to update you with….

The gardens: This year Tyler & I brought Chelsie with us to the garden center…. Chels was not quite into the whole garden thing and Tyler was annoyed at her for rushing him. Too funny! Once we brought her out to the seedling area (the nifty pre-grown stuff) she started to get it- this could be cool. The funniest part of that trip was after we had a cart full of what would be her & Ryan’s very first garden -Chels (who understandably has been a little stressed with finishing their house and yard, the wedding and she’s a manager for a pretty big shoe store) looks at the cart and says “Thanks Mom!!! … Finally something I can control!!! And then there’s the “little “brother a few aisles away that nonchalantly and quite loud says – “- No its not”   The women in the garden center around us were rolling!!!! That was some good stuff!  And he’s right; last year my garden got the only heavy rain of the whole summer 2 days after I planted it!  How sad was that?!!

The first garden to go in was Chels & Ryan’s- (Tyler helped by taking a nap….) it went together fast and she was so proud!


Tyler took to gardening like a fish takes to water! Well, like my sister Jo said, it is in his DNA…

He needed no help and he had fun changing it up from what we did last year. That’s what so awesome about gardening – you have all winter long here in Minnesota to figure out what you want to do in the spring : )


I have to say the joy I felt in my heart from watching the kids is amazing to me! To know that Craig & I taught them a little something is just so unbelievably cool!

My garden is in too…. It took me a little longer because I am back at it again- Yes, Miss Allie just closed on her first home. This particular foreclosure took 3 months to get…. That was a long wait. We went to her closing together & met up with Chelsie for a celebratory lunch ❤


So, life just got a little bit busier for me….. And… this will be the first house that we’re refurbishing since I started this blog! So, I thought it would be fun to take you with as we put this sweet house back together- what do you think?!

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