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Mama Carp’s “Fish Tales” for June

Summer Greetings!!!  I hope you’re all doing well and taking a little time to enjoy this summer!

So, I’ve been a little busy lately…. Actually that’s quite an understatement; I’ve been working on Allie’s house every single day- some days are 12 hours on site. Wedding plans, bachelorette invites & party plans, and currently working on Chelsie’s shower invites. I know that somehow Craig & I will get a chance to work on our home but as of right now it’s not looking real possible….It’s all good! One thing is for sure- I wouldn’t trade all this for anything ❤

So, right now we’re in full swing of “carp” season here on the lake. I actually look forward to it every year- it’s just so crazy to watch these big fish come up so close to shore and thrash around the way they do. They are such huge ugly fish (kind of sad to say we share the same name lol) What’s really cool is when the boats come close to shore at night with really bright lights to go carp fishing. I flash my back lights to them to say hello : )

The pelicans are gone, the eagles are not really around lately but the herons are in full strength- trust me you don’t want one to perch on your boat- trust me-yuuuuck!



My loon is in his usual spot at the end of my dock and a wonderful reminder of why I love Minnesota.


Summer is here- and so are all the wonderful people enjoying this beautiful lake!


Here is my June slideshow of “Fish tales” from Forest Lake- I hope to see lots more of you in July!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be back-soon!!  I really really missed writing to all of you ❤  love, Teri


4 thoughts on “Mama Carp’s “Fish Tales” for June

  1. Terri, love the site and all rhe pictures. You have great talent. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

  2. Hi, Teri,

    I found your blog when I was searching for Toni Whitney’s Mistral quilt pattern, and I am so glad I did! I truly enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

    Your treatment of the Mistral pattern is so beautiful, and I am inspired to continue forging ahead as I learn to quilt properly. I have a favor to ask of you. Would you mind if I model a quilt for my daughter in law based on what you did with Mistral? I bought the pattern directly from Toni Whitney in March because when I saw it on a quilting shop website, I felt my daughter in law would love it. She is an accomplished equestrian with a love of dressage, and has just given birth to a beautiful little girl – my 4th grandchild. She and my son already have 2 little boys, and she is such a good mother. (My younger son and his wife have a little girl too. That makes 4!) Mistral is similar to a pendant I gave her years ago. It never occurred to me to finish the quilt the way you did. I would have just followed the directions! Reading the description of your thought process has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking when it comes to quilting and quilt patterns. Thank you thank you thank you. I have to admit that I find myself going back to look at what you did again and again, I am so fascinated and thoroughly impressed.

    You may be wondering what’s taking me so long? I bought the pattern in March (maybe April…) and here we are on the last day of June! I work full time and had been taking classes to finish my bachelors degree. I finally finished in May and it’s taking me some time to unwind from the intense stress I put myself in! Now I have so much to catch up on as far as housework, the garden, getting back in touch with family and friends – things that had to be put on hold, especially the last semester, and I just haven’t allowed myself much time in my studio yet.

    Best regards, Cathy Hagen Coral Springs, Florida

  3. Cathy- so sorry It’s taken me so long to reply back to you! I have been really busy lately- I’m so very glad you stumbled onto my site and enjoy my posts. I believe in always “coloring outside the lines” that’s when you can create some magic. I hope that you have fun with Toni’s incredible Mistral. She is truly a gifted artist! I had so much fun taking what I saw in my head to my machine. It went extremely fast and I believe that its one of my fav’s. Mexican stars are surrounding the center which is square- not the original rectangle that is in Toni’s kit. I do not remember what the dimension is and I don’t have it here to measure- 22 X 22 would be a good guess. Have fun with this and send me a picture when your finished ❤ t

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