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The Bachelorette Party

How exciting!! Last Saturday we kicked off Chelsie & Ryan’s wedding festivities with Chelsie’s bachelorette party!!!


This would be my very first time throwing a bachelorette party …. With the help of Allie (Chelsie’s MOH), my sister Jo and my niece Cassie, we did the best we could to throw Chels’ a party to remember! With 1 beautiful Bride to be, a Maid of Honor, 4 of 5 bridesmaids (Ashley we missed you!!) 19 of Chelsie’s closest friends & family and 2 “body guards”- I would say it was a huge success!!!!

THE INVITATIONS: This party needed personalization – Chelsie is all about shoes …

THE THEME: classy and fun with a lot of good humor.

The guest list was set, the menu planned, add some hot pink & black with a little zebra, great music, a few “fun” activities and even “lady Luck”; the matching party bus ( nice Al…)

I spent the week making sashes with somewhat kind of inappropriate sayings (all in good fun!) and I’m telling you, Allie & I never had so much fun keeping this a big secret!!!!

The bridesmaids helped me so much!! A very very special thank you to Cassie, Emily, Hannah & Paige!!!They came Friday night to set up beds for whoever needed to sleep over Saturday night,  prepped tons of food and pitched in with anything else that came up- these girls are so precious!



They spent the afternoon on the lake to kick off the celebration with one amazing addition- Tyler ❤ He was forced to stand in for Ryan’s sister Ashley who couldn’t be here. Such a hard life Ty!


I was busy cooking &setting up ….and of course making sure my blue margaritas were perfect ….yummmm



The quintessential little black dress…. It was time to put it all together! The girls got all prettied up and it was time for our guests to arrive!


I think the girls wore Tyler out!


Let me tell you, my sister Jo (Chelsie’s Godmother) NEVER ceases to amaze me! She was armed with her special jello shots, jalapeno popper dip, and the most unbelievable hand crafted cookies I have EVER seen!





Cassie, Allie, Chelsie, Joanne, and I- here we go!!!


Allie said that they would need a cooler for the party bus…. Perfect! This would become our gift to Chels’ from me & my cohorts! I made her a veil, added some “shoe” inspired gifts, a drink bell and the first of the special “sashes”.  I added a huge bow on the handle with the remainder of the tulle and attached mini cans of coke with matching party ribbons to drag behind everywhere they rolled it!!!

Chelsie was ready to open her gifts, she looked up and saw all of her favorite girlfriends from so many areas of her life all gathered together for the first time in one room. She had tears of joy as she thanked all of them for coming and making her night so very special- she is such a very lucky girl!


With a huge group of friends and family from every area of her life we knew that we needed to “break the ice” and give everyone a chance to meet and find out how they fit into Chelsie’s life.  We had Chels write out 3×5 cards with “Hi! My name is_____, and I (something funny that had to do with Chelsie). This was a little funny glimpse into how each girl knew Chels. Each guest had to stand in front of everyone and read their card – then the two would complete the story that went with the card. Also Allie had them each pick a “Dare” card for when they were at the bars later on – they had to read to everyone what was on the card. Lots of laughter!



After all the introductions& laughter we had everyone go downstairs. We gathered around the pool table where our family always plays the “dice” game. We put a spin on it… first, Allie & I apologized in advance, told them how much we loved them and that this was all in good fun…..I handed out special sashes to all of the bridesmaids and the MOH- I think everyone was wondering what was in Allie’s bag at this point!


Allie had each of the remaining girls reach into the bag and OMG it was hilarious!!!!!!!  Now we could start the dice game, with doubles you could trade for a different sash- when the 4 minutes were up, what was in your hands was what you’d be wearing to all of the bars for the rest of the night (lol!!!)



Need I say more, this is always a big hit-




Chelsie is such a lucky girl with such wonderful friends in her life ❤


The bus was parked on the road and ready to take the girls to Stillwater, MN. I asked the girls to come on up, put on their lipstick – Allie had a white mat for them to kiss & leave a little note for Chels- the picture above is what I’m putting in it!


Lips, heels & little black dresses- oh yeah…. And the sashes!


The BRIDESMAIDS -Allie, Paige, Hannah, Emily & Cassie ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ & Chelsie ❤

Best part of the night? When Tyler and Quincy (Hannah’s husband) were asked to come on the bus- The girls LOVED it!!!!!! Quincy was in charge of Chelsie’s shoes & drink bell and Tyler was the bus drivers co-pilot ❤

Well, they got on the bus and on the road – Ty decided to tell the bus driver after a mile down the road to pull into the “Log Cabin” a very small local restaurant & probably the smallest bar I’ve ever seen! Ty knew that it would be a memorable stop! He walked in with Chels & 23 good lookin’ girls! Apparently there was a table of 4 guys – one of which dropped to his knees – hands up in the air and yelled “I WON THE LOTTERY” ….too funny! With a round of shots they had Chels kneel on the top of the table (the ceiling is too low to stand!) and they started pounding on the tables and walls- needless to say the restaurant side poured into the bar to see what was going on!!!! Honestly Ty, right there you made her night!!! Love you!!





Oh how I love my girls! I hope this night will be remembered forever ❤

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