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Mama Carp’s “Fish Tales” for July

Hard to believe that July is already gone- time really flies when you’ve got your hands full of projects!!

Well, first of all I just wanted to share that this is my 100th post since I launched this site October 16th, 2012. Having just over 31,000 views and now reached a total of 50 countries! Although I haven’t been able to write as much as I want lately, I have gotten some pictures for the month of July : )


I apparently woke him up when I shot this- if I were a bird I’m pretty sure I’d fall over trying to sleep like this!



Here is Miss Hunny & her babies, She didn’t choose to lay her eggs at my front door this year, she visited it several times and even laid one egg in my compost pile but eventually made a home at the neighbor’s house. She resides on my dock ……


My window boxes look pretty good this year ❤


While working in the back yard (YES!! We started it!!!!!)  I looked over and saw this!!!! I have never seen an eagle on the dock before- so amazing!!!


I am having so much fun this summer taking pictures for my Mama Carp’s “Fish Tales”!!! I’ve had the pleasure of taking pictures of some extremely talented wake boarders & wonderful friends and family enjoying the summer sun! I was especially excited to get the chance to take pictures of our nephew Micah McGinnity- a pro snow boarder and all around wonderful guy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



I wanted to leave you with this- a beautiful sunrise on Forest Lake- talk to you soon, Teri ❤

2 thoughts on “Mama Carp’s “Fish Tales” for July

  1. The pictures are amazing!! If only other friends from AZ saw these, they would stop asking why I want to move back to Minnesota so bad!! Love it! 🙂

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