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Welcome to the world Rosalie

I LOVE when my girls ask me to help out with baby gifts!
Allie’s co-worker Megan was pregnant with her first baby and having a girl- how FUN!!!  She would be named Rosalie and I was so excited to create something pink & wonderful for Mom & baby. Minky fur is absolutely essential for sweet baby softness and not wanting traditional baby fabric I chose a fresh updated design from my local quilt shop.


I started out with her name on a newborn onesie and of course a tutu (Allie made this one!) I like to find a sweet little stuffed animal to model the new outfit-


With a too cute tutu you have to have a headband… It would have a rosebud of course!

Next would be a blanket- something soft & sweet, with her name embroidered on it, big white pom- poms and just the right size for a little one(not to mention it’ll look great with her outfit : ))


I think this bib is such a great design-no more pacifiers on the floor!


I love to make good use of my fabrics so in this case I had enough minky fur left over to make our new Mom a “rice sock”… 2 minutes in the microwave and it’s heaven on your neck!


A quick card from the Cricut machine-


Who needs wrapping paper with a presentation like this?!!!


Allie was busy designing the new parent’s favorite saying for the nursery room wall- It turned out wonderful!


Congratulations Megan on your precious baby girl-


May you have many years of a new best friend, Love Teri & Allie

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