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Exhilarated & Exhausted

I cannot believe what all my summer entailed! I have truly missed writing my posts- and now that I can breathe (a little) I looked back through to May 17th and was not only amazed- but sad that I wasn’t able to share everything when they happened. I like to timeline my blog as best I can so this is what I’ve come up with…. These are the highlights of my past 6 months. Some of the events will be upcoming posts in detail, some were already done. I have SO much to share so here we go!!!!
Chelsie & Ryan had set their wedding date for September 14th. With this being our first wedding in our family there would be a ton of things to do, so of course Craig added to it –he bought another house for us to repair….Seriously???!!! It would be a house for Allie. I just kept thinking, ok- like I wasn’t going to be busy enough…We will get through this…it’s for Allie.


Here are a few pictures from the beginning- this project went into full swing May 17th. This will be an upcoming post : ) Yes, we are still working on it….

June 28th- Meeting Ryan’s Mom & Step Dad


It was such a pleasure to finally meet Michelle & Mike! We popped a bottle of champagne that they brought and toasted the upcoming nuptials! We took the boat to a beautiful restaurant across the lake and had a wonderful night together!

4th of July- a two day event (I swear its 5!)


Forest Lake attracts over 53,000 people for the 4th of July celebration every year! The evening of the 3rd is an entire town reunion with a carnival, bands, and adult beverages… the 4th is parades, boating, food & fireworks. The 5th is when I’m in a chair with my feet up recovering….

July 20th- The Bachelorette Party


There was a lot of prepping for this party but it was by far one of the most fun parties I’ve ever planned- Such a wonderful group of girls! (Tyler & Quincy- you were great too!!!!)

July 28th- Ryan & Chelsie’s 1st wedding shower!

What a beautiful couples shower given by Ryan’s dad Mike & step mom Robin! We had so much fun and so enjoyed our time celebrating Chels & Ryan with great food, friends and family!

July 16th- Craig surprised me with the landscaping of the back yard!!


I waited a looong time for this!!! I knew that a lot of other things had to be done on this house of ours but I was most excited for this!!! Our wedding shower for Chelsie & Ryan was planned to be lakeside so we had to move FAST… And yes, through all of this we were working BIGTIME on Miss Allie’s house! (This will be an upcoming post!)

Mama Carps Fish Tales-


I am yet to edit the August pictures- I can’t tell you how much fun I had this summer with all the visitors on the lake! I cannot wait for next year to see you all again! (This will be an upcoming post!)

August 9th- my one evening (that I can remember) outside this summer-




The fire pit was finished and my sister Jo and her husband Jim helped us christen it! So much fun- even enjoyed a few fireworks across the lake! It was a summer filled with kettle bells twice a week with Allie, Lemon drop martini’s, one fish caught, and incredible sunsets! (Aaaaand a whole bunch of other stuff lol)

August 16th- The Renaissance Festival

Craig’s company had their 2nd annual summer get together here- always a good time! I even convinced Tyler to get on a camel for a “hump day” picture haha

August 28th- The Shower….


With the sod laid in the back yard only 3 days prior and a whopping 98? Degree’s- the party was a wonderful success (and I got my landscaping done!!!!!!!!) This will be an upcoming post!
The next 2 weeks I was too busy to even pick up a camera….Chelsie asked me if she and the bridesmaids could sleep over at Allie’s new house, eat breakfast and then get ready for the wedding with the photographer and videographers. I was a busy girl- the house was not even close. At that point the main level and upstairs was my focus. The flowers were being made by my unbelievably talented sister Jo and dresses were also being worked on by a future “featured friend” Lilya.
Friday September 13th- The Rehearsal Dinner

Ryan’s parents had a wonderful evening planned at Stephano’s Italian restaurant- After getting all clued in at the church we gathered for a night filled with great food, games & laughter- lots & lots of laughter!!

September 14th- The Wedding
This is an upcoming post- words cannot describe.



Craig and I have NEVER cried so many tears of joy- and I cannot wait to share with you this beautiful couple!!!
Whew!!!! My goodness- I told you it was crazy 6 months!!! So now I feel better about updating you- I’m looking forward to all of these upcoming posts! Enjoy the weather outside -Love always, Teri

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  1. Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful family! You have always been such a warm hearted person and I am happy to see things have blossomed for you! Love you!

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