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Fresh Picked Pumpkins


Aaaahhh October!!!!! My favorite time of year!! After coming off a whirlwind summer I was excited to celebrate fall!!!

With the leaves changing color and a crisp in the air it was time to harvest the garden, help Miss Ruby stockpile her nuts and get the lake ready for winter…

I decorated my pots…


Bought tons of my favorite apples “Sweetango”…

Broke out the pumpkin recipes- don’t ask….


And got the guys ready for a day of pheasant hunting -I promised them I would make pheasant wild rice soup with the birds they brought back : )


Godson Collin, the guide, Nephew Blake, Tyler, Craig & Brother in law Chad


Tyler the bird slayer….

With all this I just needed to do something just for me- something creative and from the heart that would make someone’s day…..

So I came up with the perfect idea and started designing…..


I worked late into the night and honestly had the very best time- my faithful kitties stayed near as I did my thing…


I bought 17 pumpkins- I was soooo excited!


Aaaand before I knew it I had them all done- just needed to add some ribbons & rhinestones….


They were done in no time and ready for their mini photo shoot-


I cannot tell you just how much fun I had! This week was an absolute joy delivering these little gems- Hugs & smiles -truly was food for my soul ❤



2 thoughts on “Fresh Picked Pumpkins

  1. Nothing like the Pumpkin Fairy to make your day!!! The Pumpkins are so festive and beautiful and unique! Thanks Pumpkin, you definitely made our Halloween along with a few oohs and ahhs.

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