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Flip #6- The Back Yard…


This last summer Craig surprised me with the landscaping of the back yard. After waiting 4 years I was the MOST excited for this and could hardly wait! We were in the middle of renovating Allie’s house and helping with Chelsie & Ryan’s wedding plans. He began with telling me he was only redoing the beach- I was happy about that, but wanted more….(July 11th, 2013)


This was a huge job and he finished it in 10 days- it looked so much better!

In the meanwhile I was planning out Chels & Ryan’s wedding shower- it was set for August 23rd. I had sent out 65 invites for a party of 85 guests. I decided to surprise Chels & Ryan (and Craig lol) with an outdoor wedding shower. Chels had originally tried to sell Craig on the idea of having the wedding out there with a tent and cheeseburgers. He said no. So, I ordered the tent, tables, chairs & 40 pounds of hamburger. July 22nd…. I heard a bobcat in the back yard. After calling Craig I found out that he was surprising me with the landscaping of the back yard- no way was I telling him about the shower plans, yet…


It was crazy- I kept thinking that this could not possibly be worse timing and yet I couldn’t possibly be more excited. Craig & I always wing it- yep, no plans. He started by scraping off all the old grass. Craig is really good at making me amazing stone paths straight out of a storybook! He first did them at our last home and I couldn’t imagine not having them again here. The front paths were in and this would be the last one for this home in the back ❤


Somehow, some way the path, fire pit, flowers, mulch, pavers, boulders and grass needed to get finished… In one month….I needed to tell him about the shower in the back yard…..

I don’t think much surprises him anymore when it comes to me! He took the news well and now he knew this project needed to wrap up quickly. He’s such a good guy ❤

2013-07-24 18.56.35

The boulders came into place creating a new area by the existing fire pit…

2013-07-25 14.54.32

He sent me to get a few plants… (It was a 17 foot cube van lol -they were ALL pretty!)2013-07-31 13.47.23

And in 30 days…..

The sod was laid a mere 3 days before the shower and up went the tent….

2013-08-22 17.03.40

The weather was warming up, the sprinklers and hoses were in constant use…. Little did I know that the absolute HOTTEST day of the ENTIRE summer would be on the day of the shower! (Upcoming post)

Here are a few more pictures after the tent was taken down- I could not be happier with how the back yard all came together! Craig lost a total of 18 pounds during his month of hard labor!!

2013-08-27 08.57.11

2013-08-27 08.58.56

2013-08-27 08.59.23

We’re really looking forward to springtime to see everything we planted hopefully come up and enjoy a long summer full of friends at the fire pit ❤

5 thoughts on “Flip #6- The Back Yard…

  1. That’s absolutely gorgeous Mama Carp! I couldn’t wait to see the post of this. Fantastic job, Craig and great pictures, T!! xxoo

  2. I was there at Chelsie beautiful shower that day…It looked and FELT like an event right out of a glamorous magazine of one of the Vanderbilt houses and grand events. We loved being there with all of you celebrating this precious time together with the beauty of your hard work in the yard, the background of the lake and all the joyful, happy faces sharin their love! You two make such a fantastic team….another “God Kiss” of inspiration was truly on you two!!!! It was such a blessing to see and feel that day again and see you in action putting it all together! Kudos!!!

    1. This comment truly touched my heart – thank you for such kind words ! I would really love to know who this is ….?!!

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