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Sweet Melody by Jacqueline de Jonge

Jacqueline’s pattern Sweet Melody, a level 2 pattern- is such a beautiful quilt!


Not a difficult quilt but its simplicity is perfect!  Each and every one of my quilts starts with some sort of inspiration and usually has some kind of special meaning behind it. This one is no exception. While shopping at one of my favorite haunts -Blue Bamboo, I walked past a piece of fabric that just screamed out “buy me”. It reminded me of fresh raspberry and orange sherbet, it was also very reminiscent of the sunrises I see from my veranda ❤


One night while working on this quilt, my daughter Allie sat at my table and was telling me how much she loved her job as an RN – she received a phone call an hour later that a favorite resident had suddenly passed. I knew that Allie had a new but wonderful connection with this person and it was her first death at her job. I told her that this quilt would represent this person and that I bet she would look after Allie. It’s amazing how we make those heart connections that run so deep. Here I was extending the original quilt with a few borders.


Funny thing about quilts & cats, they always seem to be around them, on them and in them as your working on them…. Miss Truffles really took a liking to this one!


As soon as the borders were on it was off to the quilters-

2013-05-06 11.45.55_edited-1

The artwork on this quilt was beautifully done by the talented Norma Riehm.

Once its back its time to shear off the excess and choose the perfect fabric for the binding.


I love putting the binding on- it’s a wonderful feeling of finishing something so beautiful.DSC_5219_edited-1

Besides, it’s great to do while having my morning coffee….

I LOVE this picture! The second I was done with the binding and laid it out to take pictures Miss Truff’s shows up.  The look on her face was probably the same as mine as we inspected all the colors I put together, now joined with Norma’s skillful art. We were both happy : )DSC_5236_edited-2

Here are some close-ups of my Sweet melody –

I know that heaven gained a beautiful soul and Allie has her very own angel to watch over her. This quilt will serve as a reminder of what her job entails and the wonderful people she cares for who go before us.


And, I believe Miss Truffles adopted this as a quilt of her own….


I must say, she does look good with it ❤

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