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“In that moment” – a tender thought about assisted living and death by Allie Carpenter,RN

This was just too precious not to share-  this was written by my daughter Allie ❤

Thought of the day. People often ask me how I can work with the elderly and be around death. I thought about it for a while but it didn’t take me long to come to a conclusion. These people come to my facility for the same reason. Not to get better and leave, but to fulfill the rest of their life and die. My job is to make them laugh, care for them, love them and most importantly give the last years of their life quality. These people become part of my family and in some ways I am part of theirs.. built in grandmas and grandpas. Death is never easy. For me it is bittersweet. I get to be a part of their last memories. Sometimes, I even have the privilege to hold the hand of someone I have come to care about while they take their last breaths. In that moment I feel important. In that moment I know I have made a difference in at least one person’s life. In that moment I know my purpose. Awesome.


Allie pictured here with her Grandma Marge who is in her care- we love you Aller!

7 thoughts on ““In that moment” – a tender thought about assisted living and death by Allie Carpenter,RN

  1. Allie is a wonderful and caring nurse, she is so sweet and loving to all in her care! I visit her often as I work for the hospice agency that they use at her facility.

  2. I worked in an adult foster care home, as well as as a live-in caregiver for an elderly couple. I cared for many who were hospice care.. to be witness to their last breaths was an amazing experience. I agree with how you felt as you held hands with someone as they drew their last breath. I am since retired, and wonder who will be doing the same for me, when it’s my turn to leave the world- whomever it is, I hope they are as caring as Allie..

    1. Tonia – so sweetly written – it took my breath away thank you ! I think about that too and take comfort in knowing I might have an “in” with her ; ) thank you for leaving such a great example it truly is a gift !!

  3. what a wonderful daughter you have raised to be an extension of your love and compassion! She is an absolute angel to have these feelings towards the people in her care, alot of medical professionals only see it as a “job”, she sees it as her blessing to be there for them! Sweet story!

    1. Thank you Kathy! She’s been through a lot personally so I see where her empathy comes from- I cherish her and I thank God that he blessed me with her everyday ❤

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