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Mistral- The talents of three artists in one finished masterpiece


I am beyond proud to share with you my finished Mistral quilt. It started with an artist by the name of Toni Whitney- her talents are so amazing! She took an original painting of hers and transformed it into another piece of art with batik fabrics. She offered this as a wall hanging kit that completely intrigued me. I took her kit and transformed it into an original quilt top. The quilt top traveled next to the very talented Norma Riehm in Hayward, Wisconsin. There the quilt top was intricately designed and machine quilted. When Norma finished she posted these pictures to me on Facebook. Not expecting to see my Mistral done it took my breath away- tears and all. I was so proud. It was something else seeing her artistic input towards the finished quilt. What Norma came up with completely thrilled me – her work is impeccable! I couldn’t wait to see it in person.

When the box came I set it on the table- it sat unopened for a good 10 minutes….DSC_5982Taking this one out was something else for me-  this quilt was done in all its majesty.


A very special thank you to you Toni and Norma- what talented women you both are!

Here is my link to the making of Mistral-

12 thoughts on “Mistral- The talents of three artists in one finished masterpiece

  1. This is a beautiful story and I’m so happy I could be a part of it.

  2. My husband and I assisted Toni in the grapichal aspects of making the pattern and Toni honored me by allowing me to quilt her original design as you see it on the pattern cover. As such, I am very familiar with Mistral and the incredible artistry of Toni Whitney. You will find no better wildlife designer (in my opinion).

    Your interpretation of her design just boggles my mind! The curved piecing adds so much to the wind that flows through Mistral’s mane. The flow of it is perfect, the choice of batiks is impeccable, and the quilting is masterful. It is so nice to see your quilter take your interpretation and extend it with her design as though a single mind created it.

    Congratulations on your completed masterpiece!!

    1. Wanda, what a wonderful message – I feel like it completes the whole project! I truly had so much fun with this. I love it when a project “talks” to you- Mistral was loud and clear and it was amazing how fast it went. I hope that Toni is working on more projects for all of us to enjoy- she definitely is masterful in her art! Thank you again for your time and talents as well and for your heartfelt comment – Teri ❤

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful. I’m pretty speechless….my jaw is dropped. I am trying to grasp the magnificent beauty of this artistic expression; and realize the wonderment in how God comes through each of you with the talents and God-given gifts that have been given you. As someone else stated…. Exquisite! I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I can’t even put the right words together to express how it’s made me feel!

    A masterpiece. Period.

    1. Janelle ❤ My dear friend, Thank you for writing such beautiful words! I feel pretty accomplished- it pretty cool to envision something in your head and see it come alive- plus some! I did this to learn and challenge myself- the time line would surprise everyone. Shortly after I met Craig's Mom she said to me "God has given you many talents- it's your gift to give them back" This is something I hold very close in my heart. I have always believed that every one of us has talents. Its fun to find where they are in each one of us and wonderful to work with others implementing them. It was perfect working with Toni & Norma. Whats amazing is that we have never met in person! Thank you again for taking the time to make me smile! Love always, t

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