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A Wedding Shower for my Daughter with Love

Thrilled is a complete understatement for how I felt last summer! Chelsie and Ryan were getting married September 14th, 2013. With all the wonderful parties that go along with celebrating their love- we had one more shower to go….

The Date, Guest list & Invitations

The date was set, August 23rd, 2013. With my husband being number 10 of 11 kids I knew that this was going to be a big party. The guest list was set at 85. I was excited to hand make the invitations- they turned out exactly how I wanted!

The Theme- Colors, Food & Games

I wanted the theme of the shower to be a reflection on Chelsie & Ryan. A year prior Chelsie tried so hard to convince her Dad that the wedding would be perfect in the back yard with a big tent, cheeseburgers and all their favorite people- he said no. Well, I thought- wouldn’t she be happy if I surprised her with the shower in the back yard with a tent and cheeseburgers and all of people that love them?!! It would be perfect! Everything would be in a light hearted version of their wedding colors. Fresh flowers, with a farmers market appeal. Allie wanted to decorate with big tissue balls- she made them for weeks! We brought out my vintage red couch and covered it in one of my quilts to match along with Allie’s make-up chair. I knew one thing for sure – Ryan needed to be at the shower. I wanted everyone to really get to know him even better! Also, I felt it was important for the Dads to be apart of this big day as well- we all were just so excited for these two that no one wanted to miss a single minute! I wanted 3 games, 2 active and one easy -especially with a group this large!

A big welcome to Ryan’s Dad Mike!DSC_3723-001

The Lemon Bar

I wanted a beautiful area that would accommodate everyone from little girls to us big girls (and the guys too!) It would be my “lemon bar” It started on the left with Ice water, lemonade, tea, (perfect mixed for non- alcoholic Arnie Palmers)  Tyler had made up naughty Arnie Palmers in mason jars on ice in a galvanized bucket down below and last but not least my“lemon drop” martini’s. I asked my dear friend Jan to assist me with making them since she is the one who got me started with them in the first place! We dotted the table with flowers, cupcakes & a special cake that replicated the invitations that Allie & I had so much fun making (and eating…)


Everything was set except the good ole Minnesota weather…the hottest day of the ENTIRE summer, yep a whopping balmy 97 degrees with quite the winds coming off the lake. That lemon bar would be a saving grace!

The Cookies

My sister Jo’s famous incredibly artistic cookies made it perfect!!!  Jo being Chelsie’s God- Mama she made them with extra love!

The Party!

The guests were arriving, the food was was being prepared & I put Ryan in charge of game #1 ….How heavy is your purse? Easy game- As Guests arrive you weigh their purse- you write down the guests name and how much their purse weighs- heaviest purse wins! This helped Ryan to put names with faces and everyone got a little one on one time with him right off the bat ❤

My Mom and Ryan’s Step-Mom Robin were busy in the kitchen. Robin and I graduated together from High school- how crazy is that ?!!! Such a small world!!!! Allie was finishing up the cupcakes with her Auntie Jo…

It was such a lovely treat for Miss Marge to join us! Craig just loves wheeling his Mama around- she relaxed in the “sweet seat” section where there was no shortage of hugs and visiting!

Tyler was on the grill and I’m pretty sure I owe him for a pretty long time! I can’t imagine just how hot it was – but those cheeseburgers were by far the best ones he’s made! Thank you Ty!!!

It was time to eat… fresh chilled fruit, Auntie Colleen’s incredible potato salad & Uncle Kens Famous coleslaw, BBQ beans, chips & pickles-  a perfect cheeseburger affair. Thank you Colleen & Ken!

Chelsie & Ryan opened a ton of incredible gifts while everyone was eating- it was perfect !

A couple of hot babes…my M&M girls, Muriel and Marge


And the boys Club- Craig, Mike & Tyler


We played a “ was it Chelsie or was it Ryan” game – after everyone was done filling out the questionnaire they held up either lips for Chelsie or a ‘stache for Ry… Also the person with the lips on the bottom of their chair won the third prize- easy peasy!


A very special thank you also to my sister Jackie ❤ for driving non-stop to get to the shower from another event… your gift was so sweet and really was the perfect ending to the day!


Craig and Auntie Carmel- WE LOVE YOU ❤


A HUGE thank you to my niece Cassie for taking all of these wonderful pictures!! I appreciate it so very very much!!  Just think Cass, this summer we get to do this all again for YOU!!!

DSC_3826Bridesmaid Cassie, Chels & MOH Allie

Chels & Ryan were so overwhelmed by the love of all of our family & friends that could make it – a huge thank you !

I will be posting the recipe for my “Lemon Drop” martini’s in 2 days ❤

2 thoughts on “A Wedding Shower for my Daughter with Love

  1. Nice post! So nice to relive that very special, very hot day!! I swear it was at least 100 degrees! Cassie did get some great photos! Great food,drinks and well….everything!!!!

    1. Jo ! Your right ! It was 97 !! Not sure what I was thinking !! It was awesome thank you for all of your help ! any left over cookies I sure could go for -2 -3 ; ))))

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