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Breaking Through- Turning 50

IMG_4446Yep, thats me-

I have a real problem with people who get all funny about having a birthday. I’m not talking a milestone birthday, just a normal one. I even wrote a post on it. My best friend lost her son Matthew to brain cancer shortly after turning 16 and ever since I believe you should be really really happy and fortunate to get that opportunity to celebrate your life.

Milestone birthdays…. well I’ve hit a few so far, I think they are just really good practice for when the bigger ones arrive. So with me being an advocate on birthdays it was a slight twingy experience this past December 1st. I liked being in the forties- they were good to me and it was comfortable. Turning 50? Holy cow, that sent a few things through my head- like I’m old, where did time go?, my life was half over?!… am I  going to start falling apart? Wow, where was my little Matthew on my shoulder?!! Not as positive as I usually was- I needed to start getting a few uplifting thoughts together.  Starting with that I am a very fortunate person with my health …and if I lived on a deserted island and didn’t know it was my birthday it wouldn’t matter, right?! Well, I’m not on a deserted island to have that luxury! Everywhere you look its a reminder of the date and yes, I am a truly blessed person with my family and friends. I knew I did not want a party- not my thing. So my husband surprised me with a week vacation in sunny Sanibel, Florida… I have never traveled before the holidays so I was not exactly thrilled…(so much to do!) On top of it all the timeline was especially ridiculous- my well sprung a leak in my downstairs living room two days before Thanksgiving (three days before we left). I had dinner for 15 to be prepped and instead I was frantically moving a 15 foot entertainment center with everything in it and a load of guys and heavy equipment in and around the house trying to put a new well line in. With no water, no heat and a ton of scrambling- there wasn’t a lot of time to cook, dwell or pack. I said in the middle of all the chaos that this would be the very best Thanksgiving despite everything going on at the house. And you know what- with Craig’s help in getting me water when I needed it and taking care of the fixing of the well- all the food was ready to go, on time! It was for sure the very best Thanksgiving with my family- my Jameson Cidertini’s were such a hit we actually ran out! Everyone helped in the monstrous clean-up and we packed that night as fast as we could for our morning flight. Talk about insane! That is my life, Craig and I work incredibly well under pressure- God sure blessed me with this man ❤

Allie traveled with us which was so much fun- love that girl! Bloody Mary’s at the airport to kick off my big week. Chelsie & Ryan flew out the next day and my Ty was left back in Minnesota to study for his finals at the U of M to graduate December 17th…

In true Carpenter style we had stocked the Sanibel fridge with great food – we make fresh guacamole, salsa & margaritas together EVERYDAY. That Satuday night was the last night of my forties… I went to bed with so many emotions. Yes, I was lucky to have a birthday unless maybe something happened to me while I was sleeping … it is a 50/50 thing you know?! I was anxious, apprehensive, and yet…. slightly excited. I always find a way to find a creative solution -maybe I could shake up the 50’s… maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. Pre-conceived notions were playing with my head and it was time to sleep. In denial I knew that I wasn’t 50 at midnight , my Mom had me at 6:06 in the morning… AND we weren’t on Minnesota time, so after figuring all that in I knew that if I woke up at 7:15 that yes, I was officially 50. I was exhausted just from over thinking all of this! What was wrong with me?! Craig was absolutely no help… he’s 3 1/2 years older than me and just laughed. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, I looked at the clock- it was 7:30. I made it through the night, I was going to be just fine. I had my family with me, and I knew I would get to talk to my Tyler later that day and life is good! My first surprise was Chelsie & Ryan with a gift from my sister Jo ❤ She is just so crazy special to me! She hand made me 50 of her incredible cookies with my Niece Cassie and met up with Chels & Ryan at the airport to give them to me! Oh my GOSH! They were spectacular!1453277_767293971511_1338359231_n

I felt the need to call my Mom- I new she was going to have a hard time excepting the fact her baby of 5 was 50… I assured her that “we” were great- that she looked awesome for having her last one turn 50! We were all good – I absolutely love her!

We spent the day in Captiva- a place I love to go to when we’re in Sanabel. Allie brought a bottle of rum – like I said, love that girl!  We drank rum and walked the beach. I have never felt so special or so loved- From Facebook to private messages and my absolute favorite – my phone call from my Son ❤ We had dinner on the beach and watched the sunset go down on what turned out to be one of the very best days ever. Maybe, just maybe the 50’s won’t be so bad. If I’m given the opportunity to be on this beautiful earth surrounded by all the greatest family and friends- who know’s 50 might take on a new meaning. As for me, I’m old enough to know that the secret to growing old is to never let your soul age and young enough to take on all the adventures I possibly can. So to all of you- CHEERS! (especially my class of ’82!) I hope my insight helps all of you heading this way – just surround yourself with the love of friends & family and know that you are one very special person who gets an extra special opportunity to celebrate your life.

Allie- thank you for the surprise picture you took of me above – I absolutely love it ❤

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