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It’s a “Fish Bowl” kinda day….

I had to laugh to myself the other day, I was talking to my Daughter Chels and she mentioned that she was having a “fish bowl” kind of day. I thought it was pretty neat that something that I had discovered nearly 20 years ago found its way to my kids lives!


So there I was in the middle of my living room circa 1993. I was married with three kids 5, 4 & 2. I just remember it being midmorning in the middle of the week in early summer. I just stood there and looked straight ahead with a lot on my mind. I turned to do one of the things on my list that was plaguing me, I turned again with a different problem, then turned again when I realized I had just turned a circle. I couldn’t think, I was beyond stressed with who knows what. I just knew that obviously I wasn’t having a great day. I needed to fix this – quick. I needed to take care of me. I walked straight ahead to the entertainment center where an innocent goldfish in a not so clean bowl sat. The poor little goldfish was a lovely gift to my son for his 2nd birthday from his God- Mama Kris. Apparently that was the straw that broke this camels back. Without concern I grabbed that dirty fish bowl and walked with gusto (I might add) straight down the stairs, out the door, across the yard and dumped him in the pond. I then proceeded to the garbage can and chucked the bowl inside. Hearing it hit the bottom of the can gave me an incredible feeling of empowerment. For a second I did feel a bit horrible that my niece would hate me…. BUT this was something I had to do. I still couldn’t get over how much better I felt. I decided to continued with the next two things that were causing me problems. I headed them straight on and when those problems were accomplished I knew I was onto something big! I had not only conquered my top three problems and could breathe, but better than anything I had labeled something that had not been labeled in my busy young life. I had conquered something that seemed impossible and ever since I completely rely on this. When the kids discovered their little goldfish friend and his living quarters had gone MIA I was so busy feeling good from my morning that I hadn’t quite thought of how I was going to explain mommy’s self-discovery. I always was straight up with my little tribe of smiles- I told them the truth. Mr. Goldfish was now living in the pond in our yard and he was going to grow HUGE and swim free. Ty pondered the idea, Allie just looked at me, and Chels said what will happen to him in the winter… She may have gotten a dollar for that. Always a smart one.
My “Fish bowl” day is being shared to you now in hopes that when life finds you turning circles and not breathing well that you’ll boldly handle your top three things on your long list with ease. I swear the energy you will feel is AMAZING – I promise!

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