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Jacqueline de Jonge- Morning Glory



This quilt pattern is by the amazing Jacqueline de Jonge entitled “Morning Glory”
I made this quilt for a very special couple – Andrew & Jessica Pafko who were married January 31st, 2014.
Let me introduce you….
Jessica is my insanely talented hairdresser that I absolutely adore! She is the owner of Kalon Salon located in Blaine, Minnesota… She is just a doll!


And this is the handsome Andrew who I’ve watched grow up since he was 6 years old….


When they announced their engagement I asked them what color they wanted for their wedding quilt and they chose red! Andrews Mom Debbie and I have been best friends for 21 years this summer. The very first story she ever told me was so special- she told me that she and her husband Jay had tried for 7 long years to get pregnant with their very first child. Deb then lost her belovedMom to breast cancer. One starry night shortly after, Deb while kneeling in prayer stared up in the night sky and saw that there was a particularly large brilliant star shining right back. Deb knew it was something special… nine months later she had Andrew who was the 1st of 6 children!
Now I wasn’t sure what pattern I wanted to do for this quilt… It was kinda funny, a quilt I had previously done kept standing out to me. I decided to go for it and when I finished it I realized that this red quilt had one very large brilliant star and 7 stars inside of it. I believe that it was divine intercession to Deb’s beautiful story ❤



Congratulations to Andrew & Jessica- your such a beautiful couple with an incredible future together!

The building of the quilt:
I started with a beautiful batik with lots of grown up colors and movement. I felt that with the fabrics I chose it would be a lot of fun for them to decorate around it in future homes.


Eventually I get enough of it together to feel pretty good with the direction I’m taking it.

The quilt wasn’t quite finished for their wedding, so I took the main fabric as a teaser and made a wedding card for them in the meanwhile…


Here is the quilt as Jacqueline’s pattern shows, but I needed it big enough to wrap them up so next came the borders…


With the borders on it was ready to go to my very talented quilter Norma Reihm where she implemented her magic!


Here it is all quilted- thank you Norma- you are the best!


4 thoughts on “Jacqueline de Jonge- Morning Glory

    1. Kathy- thank you for always being my friend – it’s amazing to see the talents that each one of us possess … It’s fun to share with each other ❤

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