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A Sweet Summertime Revisited

Summertime always brings me back to my hometown of Coon Rapids,Minnesota. We had a house in the middle of 5 gardens – always.

Memories of countless hours picking weeds with my sister Jo…. Watching my Mom and sister baking cakes and cookies to enter at the Anoka County Fair as I ran around the yard catching butterflies for money to spend on rides and games there. I loved picking wild raspberries along our dirt road as I raced  my “banana seat” bike down it  and sneaking handfuls of fresh sauerkraut from my moms crock in the dark basement pantry. My Mom made yellow beans with bacon and wilted lettuce salad (I swear) everyday! One thing I’ve kept up year round that my Mom always did is her cucumber slices in vinegar. My Allie just can’t get enough! Its incredible how all of those simple everyday things I grew up with stayed with me.

The thought of not having a garden to grow our favorite things is not even possible for me. I also take advantage of the local farmers markets and laugh every time because I get so excited when I see all the venders and their goods. I get so many ideas of what to make that getting back to my car sometimes takes several trips with deep lines on my arms from the heavy plastic bags ❤

August is my canning month..this is something everyone needs to try at least once-  I can’t seem to make enough jalapeño pickles for my family! This year I’ll be adding pickled green beans, both hot and regular.

And even today during those hot summer days just hearing that incredible noise from the cicada insect takes me straight back.



A big thank you to my talented friend and classmate Curt Erickson for capturing this picture last summer – I had no idea all these years where that big sound could have come from!

It’s amazing to me the impact of how everyday life effected not only me but now my own family. As I get older I’m realizing that sometimes the most simple things are the best. Someday when I’m 89 it’ll be so cool to hear how far some of these traditions have gone.

As busy as I’ve been I just missed writing on here and wanted to share a few pic’s from my summer. I’m still trying to back track a few happenings from believe it or not a year ago !

See you soon! Love, Teri


Sunrise with my coffee


My favorite loon ❤

Birds, blooms & sweet summer memories!



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