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My Beautiful Chelsie…

A year ago was the most amazing time in my life! Our Daughter Chelsie married Ryan on September 14th, 2013 and Craig and I could not be more proud!


And what a thrilling year! From the engagement, the showers, the Bach/Bachelorette parties & a thousand details in-between!

My Daughter Allie, the Maid of Honor made a beautiful scrapbook of all the events leading up to the big event. She asked all of the important women in Chelsie’s life and all of her bridesmaids to write something special to Chelsie. She was given the book to read the night before her wedding.

I wasn’t sure how to start this post until I remembered the letter I wrote and knew it was a perfect way to convey my thoughts about this special day….
To my beautiful Chelsie,
3:02 in the morning they set a crying baby girl on me – I’m not sure which I said first, I love you or you are so beautiful! I said it over and over until you recognized my voice – you stopped crying immediately, and puckered those sweet beautiful lips…. I looked at Dad and said oh my- she is going to be something else! And here we are, almost 26 years later as you are about to marry your best friend. You are going to be such a beautiful bride and I’m not sure what I’m going to say to you first – I love you or that you are so beautiful- I’m sure I’ll say it a few times!
I’ve had the time of my life being a Mom to you three kids. It’s all I ever wanted to do. I just wanted to be the best Mom and give you all I had. What I have gotten in return has restored a broken soul. All the good, bad and in between is completely immeasurable to me. I truly am blessed to call you my Daughter. Through the years I thought of who you would marry- I always prayed that God would send you your perfect soul mate. I knew that this person would have to love you as much if not more than myself for me to feel that he was the one; I always said that I would know in my heart when I met him and I did! I could not possibly love Ryan more! He loves you Chels and you just melt<3. You two are so beautiful together and I know that the love you two have will be a love of a lifetime! I am so excited to watch you two build your life together and someday start your own little family! What you have is rare and good – I know that God is smiling! In a few hours you will become Mrs. Ryan Michael Langlais and I could not be more proud and excited- What a beautiful girl I have & always remember I love you, Mom

Scan 2014-9-6 0002

Trust me when I say that Craig and I never knew the emotions that we would have that beautiful day- Neither one of us ever thought that we would have as many tears as we both did! So proud and happy with a cumulation of 26 years going through our minds! We could not have been more excited to gain a new Son ❤ The best way to explain it – The day was TRULY MAGICAL!


We were so blessed to be joined by all of our family and friends! Thank you all for making it such a wonderful day!

A special thank you to my sister Joanne, Chelsie’s Godmama for the beautiful flowers she made! Not only did she make all the flowers for the bridal party but she made the 30 arrangements for the tables at the reception as well! Endless hours of amazing talent!

Also, a HUGE thank you to Joel of and his incredible eye to detail! Honestly- I cannot believe the talent he has! Joel, we are forever grateful for the work you did in Chelsie & Ryan’s video, it will be forever cherished! You truly have a gift for what you do ❤ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Thank you to Jessica of D’amico & Sons catering/The Metropolitan – you and your team were flawless! The food was incredible!!! And it could not have gone ANY smoother!

Thanks to the ultra talented Jessica Pafko & Kati of Kalon Salon for all your beautiful work- the girls looked amazing!
And last but not least – love to my friends in our favorite band “Free and Easy” You guys are top notch – not only in what you produce with your passion for music but as the greatest guys that you all are! We LOVE you all and we could not imagine you not with us on the next two kids! Thank you for a beautiful night in the old “Ruperts” and making the night so special!


So EXCITED!! Here is Chelsie & Ryan’s wedding video, I still can’t get over how it starts off with Craig’s speech ❤


What a BEAUTIFUL group of friends and a favorite of Chels & Ryan at the reception-1496302_10100641234538236_1693726387_o


A few last notes before a slideshow of my favorite pictures…. The morning after pictures are just plain hilarious! We were all a HOT MESS! Chels & Ry borrowed clothes from the bridal party – their over night bag was not in the car parked at the hotel…


Ty & Allie were told “CONGRATULATIONS” in the elevator coming down holding Chelsie’s wedding dress… they just kept saying “WE”RE NOT TOGETHER” – too funny !


This is what was left of Chelsie’s dress- Ryan and Chels danced ALL NIGHT!


And this was a tearful Mama hug before they left for their Honeymoon …words cannot describe the love in my heart-


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When the speeches were finished, Craig announced the band – we opened up the night with Ryan & Chelsie’s (impromptu) first dance to “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire


Congratulations Ryan & Chelsie!! May you always be in love, be forever on your Honeymoon & dance every chance you get <3- Love Mom & Dad


In Loving memory of Ryan’s Grandma Delores Langlais – June 6th, 2014

Ryan, I’m so glad you had this moment ❤


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