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Blooming Nine Patch- A Surprise For My Cassie <3

As you may already know, I will take any chance to surprise someone and make their day…


My incredibly beautiful Niece Cassie recently married the love of her life Mr. Zack ❤ and we all absolutely ADORE him! So, a few years ago Cassie stayed at my house while we were away. My sister Jo informed me that Cass fell in love with a quilt that was in my bedroom…. I had two in there and had the wrong one in mind. Two summers ago when we had our Daughter Chelsie & Ryan’s wedding shower in the back yard I had used my red couch and covered it with my turquoise quilt from my bedroom to match the wedding decor. It was then that I discovered that THIS was the quilt Cassie loved.


Well, Cassie & Zack had the next upcoming wedding and without a doubt I knew exactly what wedding quilt to make. I went ahead and tried to replicate the turquoise quilt as best I could. I ran into a few problems along the way (namely I ran out of a prime outer fabric after I was well more than half done)

BUT after a Nationwide search… and several attempts, I finally found a match!


I was finally able to finish it!

DSC_6386I knew how crazy it got before Chelsie & Ryan’s wedding so I made sure it was done way in advance so I was available to help out come wedding time. A huge thank you to my quilter Norma Riehm for once again doing such a beautiful job! Quilted, sheared down and binding sewn on! It was photographed and put away in a closet until I could wrap it up in some pretty wedding paper- or so I thought…

My sister Jo gave Cassie & Zack a beautiful wedding shower August 24th, 2014. Joanne asked if I would bring over the famous red couch for them to sit on. I brought my original turquoise quilt to cover up the red to go with Cass & Zacks wedding color and everything went perfect!

The wedding was September 20th and oh my gosh- I was one very proud Auntie!!! Cassie- you could not have been any more beautiful on your wedding day! Zack, you too!

This is our first sneak peak at the amazing photography by John Hanson photography- WOW!!


Cassie & Zack left for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding. While they were away I decided that instead of wrapping up there wedding quilt … I had a once in a lifetime chance to pull a huge surprise on them instead! I planned on bringing back the red couch to my sisters house and secretly covering it with “their” quilt for the gift opening. That didn’t happen…sometimes you need to have a “plan B” if you’re going to be the prankster. So, I asked them to come over to our house to get the wedding gift from our family. When they arrived they saw all the beautiful pumpkins on my table ready for their delivery ….


I told them that I had made a special pumpkin just for them as part of their wedding gift and since it was SUCH a beautiful fall evening I wanted to get a picture of them with it in the back yard. Craig had helped me earlier set up the red couch in the fall leaves and I draped their replicated wedding over the red couch and tucked it in so it didn’t look crispy  new- also being careful that their new name plate was in the front. They came down, saw the huge pumpkin and sat down for pictures with it. I knew they had no clue they were sitting on their new quilt!

After I shot a few pictures I said, you know…. Just one more picture, pretend to wrap yourselves up like its cold out… Cassie and Zack grabbed the corners and Cass felt the embroidery immediately on her corner and read the label!

They were SO surprised! Auntie Teri got them good!!!!!


I love these two with all my heart and I wish them every single happiness they deserve! Man I love these kind of situations- and I truly am so happy to have been able to make it all work!

My sister told me that Cass had asked her earlier why I hadn’t asked her what kind of quilt she wanted for her wedding gift…. Cassie honey, this Auntie already knew ❤


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