Family Happenings

Life Is Good

Looking back at the last year I quickly assessed it as nothing that great until I went back a little more in depth and realized that it was in fact a spectacular year after all!

Craig and I traveled to Costa Rica and Charleston,SC and I captured some amazing pictures.

I finally got my sprinkler system installed, choosing to pump from the lake was a great decision- my yard and plants went crazy!

After many weeks of hard work we successfully sold 3 properties.

The 4th of July was awesome (but not as awesome as the one coming up… already planning the food! )

Won my first quilt competition – YAY!!


I had a blast helping out for my niece Cassie’s wedding- such a beauty!


Successfully made a few pumpkins and
a couple of costumes for Halloween.

Thanksgiving was so special, my nieces Kris and Courtney from Colorado came to celebrate. There is just nothing like having your family all together!

And…this is the first time in 8 years that I’ve had this much time at home- I’m finally working on our house ❤ I believe I have put the most stitches out ever from my sewing machine (many quilts and baby projects to show you!)

So where have I been lately? I’ve been marinating…

Craig and I received some news this fall and neither one of us saw it coming. A small mole on Craig’s nose that went unbiopsied by not one but two doctors (they both said it was nothing, probably just an age spot and nothing to worry about…) Craig demanded the second doctor to come back in and biopsy it. The results came back cancerous(non-malignant)
October 7th was the day I took him to get the mole removed. When they were getting ready to remove the mole they stopped and told him that it was way more extensive then they thought. Craig immediately stopped the procedure to try to figure out the best route to follow. 1 1/2 hours later he finally came out in the waiting room- he was given a kit on a study for cancer….

I’ve learned a few things in this process- ALWAYS be your own advocate! My son Tyler said “how awesome was it that God pushed Dad so hard” So very true!

DO NOT think this can’t happen to you! A lot of you reading this are between 18-35- guess what? It can and IT’S NOT WORTH IT! Craig is doing what Craig is best at- doing his own research. Then, we did what we knew was the only answer -we prayed over all of this. He found a new doctor that was willing to go the most non invasive route to get to a better ending. I’m pretty sure I have botched a few things up here but I tend to close down when it comes to things like this. I am so thankful that this is skin cancer and not anything far more serious. We’ve been going through life so blessed- I really cannot imagine what some of my dearest friends have gone through with their loved ones (love you Deb & Jackie ❤ ) Craig has completed his 6 weeks of topical treatment and now we wait. We’ve given this to God and thats the very best we can do.

So, 2014… over all, you were amazing! I’m so excited for 2015 ❤
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas filled with love and I truly wish you all a healthy and blessed New Year – may all your troubles be small, love in abundance and memories to last a lifetime- all of my love, Teri


(Thank you Julie!)

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