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Sisters Scape

I am a quilter that loves batiks and paper piecing, so when I saw this gorgeous pattern by Valeri Wells I knew I had to make it. She designed it for their 2006 Sisters outdoor quilt show as a raffle quilt. It was inspired by the landscape around Sisters, Oregon. Pattern can be purchased through The Stitchen’ Post.

DSC_0139Picking out colors is an absolute favorite thing of mine- I wanted to incorporate turquoise and really tried to keep my colors balanced through out the layout. I was careful to keep what Valori intended on the shading throughout the design. This girl is an artist and I was loving the whole project.

IMG_4722It’s the best when my trusty companion Mochajo hangs out with me, he truly melts my heart ❤

DSC_6361This quilt is constructed in panels which was fun, first the sky and mountains then the center of the quilt is made up of vertical panels followed by the bottom panel which spanned the entire width.

DSC_6295I love a good sewing day! Lots of fabric at my fingertips, with my bare feet buried in piles of scraps on the floor. Always some good music on tap or a favorite movie playing for the umpteenth time.

Progressing nicely- this quilt is 80” x 96”…. I decided that this quilt needs to be hung on a wall as art.

DSC_6330Even though my sweetheart has completely lost his sight, he loves being close to me.     Its pretty awesome when I sew late into the night that he’s right by me keeping me company ❤

DSC_0255Top, middle and sides finished and attached – it’s exciting! Finally its time to attack the bottom section, the “Carp” …..well, thats what I’m calling them : )

IMG_4979Here are my choices for a darker but still vibrant water look. The fabrics for the fish were a perfect combination for what I wanted the end result to resemble.

DSC_6336Its always an amazing feeling finishing a big project, sometimes even bittersweet. There’s been a few quilts lately where I made sure I paused and thought about how cool it is to create such a beautiful work of art and realize the journey I was on to get there.

IMG_5060Always a thrill opening up a box from my quilter Norma Riehm! To see what vision she had for my work is really cool- and this was no exception! As always, good job Norma!

IMG_6596It was one of the last warm days here in Minnesota when I placed the quilt on my table to shear it down and begin prepping for the binding. The sun was steaming in from the open window and I just had to take a picture – it was a perfect afternoon.


I knew it would be disastrous if I picked out a single color for the binding. Your eye would have stopped from this expansive design. So, I picked out fabrics that would serve as a happy medium for each area.

DSC_9564Instant gratification knowing that treating the binding this way was successful. Next was hand sewing the binding down and shooting some pictures. I will be adding a hanging sleeve for the back next week after this post is published ; )


7 thoughts on “Sisters Scape

  1. Thanks for posting your progress. You were faster than me. I think I bought the pattern in 2006 and kept putting it on the back burner. I have just sewn the last seam in the top….still needs to be quilted, but am happy to get this UFO moving forward. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a friend looking for this pattern. Do you know where we could find it? I love your quilt it is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Is there anyone here who would be willing to sell me their pattern for the 2006, Sisters Scape quilt?Used or not?
    I have wanted one for a long time, and even emailed the shop that sold them, no luck. I am a recent cancer survivor, from the Wa/Oregon area all my life, and it is something I really want to do. I think it would be very therapeutic! Thank you, I could pay u by PayPal.

    1. Joni- first of all congratulations on kicking your cancer! I do not even know where my pattern ended up, problem is that being a paper pieced pattern it won’t help you! I wonder why they aren’t printing it anymore when it’s such a beautiful quilt! If I run across it I will get back to you 💜

    2. I have this pattern – unused. But I would like to make it one day. There are 20 sheets approx 31″ x 21″ which I’d have to get copied. I could check with Kinkos to see if they copy this size.

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