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Judy Niemeyer- Art Deco

This sawtooth wedding ring pattern is from the very talented Judy Niemeyer entitled Art Deco. I had the pleasure of making this for the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Bauer.IMG_8411

I have know Alexandra since she was 3 years old! She has always had a very special spot in my heart. When she told me that Tim finally popped the question, I immediately pulled the fabrics for the wedding quilt that I couldn’t wait to make for them. Usually I always ask what color they would like but I already knew what I wanted to do. It had to remind me of the beautiful and talented girl I watched grow up. I wanted colors that were fresh and fun, and a statement color that was bold and could stand its own. That’s my Alexandra- DSC_0819After selecting my colors, it’s always painstaking fun to set them in just the right parts. I make sure I have balance and that it has the right amount of just what I’m looking for. When I feel I’m on the right track I will start cutting and placing to get a better view.


As always, theres the beautiful pile of fabric scraps around my feet!

DSC_4974This particular pattern was fun to see almost immediately. You need lots of patience when it comes to curved sewing…

And eventually, it’s time to put it all together!

IMG_6967Row by row, section by section…

DSC_9306Until finally, you have this beautiful piece of art!

DSC_9312Off to my very talented quilter Norma Riehm with strict instructions to take extra care to make it wedding gift perfect! And perfect was right-as always Norma, thank you and beautiful job! Next up, sewing on the binding and shearing off the excess.

DSC_0566I embroidered Tim and Alexandra’s names and wedding date on a name plate on the back.

IMG_8411It was wedding time and this beauty would be ready for them for many years to come!

IMG_8412Congratulations Alexandra & Tim! What a gorgeous bride and handsome groom!


We wish you many years of love, happiness and God’s blessings!!!


4 thoughts on “Judy Niemeyer- Art Deco

  1. Just Beautiful Teri…. If I had not crossed paths with you… I would not be sewing now… Thank You for what you do and then to share it with all of us. My three years being your neighbor was the best ever. Again, Thank You.

    1. So sweet! It was by far my best 3 years ever – I’m so glad you’ve found something so gratifying to do- it’s such great therapy and suppose to keep me out of trouble but that’s just not working yet haha! I have lots coming up ; ))

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