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The Pumpkin Fairy 2015

After a long hot summer I so look forward to pumpkin season! The cool crisp air, the harvest from our garden, gorgeous colors everywhere and of course PUMPKINS!!!!!
After a quick trip for a favorite pumpkin caffeine fix, I’m off to load up on all the beautiful fall foliage for my next season of decorating!

DSC_1880As soon as I’m finished and the house looks good then off to my room to start creating some beautiful pumpkins! Ribbons and sparkles EVERYWHERE!

IMG_8680I started these pumpkins two years ago and somehow picked up the name of “The Pumpkin Fairy” HMMMM I guess it fits?!!

IMG_0335I just know that with every passing year its evident that I just can’t get enough! With the help of the gorgeous Miss Truffles we made a few extra special ones for some extra special people!

Truffles 9/25/95-9/30/15
Truffles 9/25/95-9/30/15

Here’s my beautiful Mom that just doesn’t seem to age and our favorite bartender James at Aqua, Forest Lake, MN.

This is also the first year that I made 5 special edition “Hello Gorgeous” pumpkins and delivered them to 5 women in my life that inspire me ❤

DSC_2336It was exciting this year to finally start taking orders, I will give everyone a heads up this next July so you can get your orders in early! From special birthdays, weddings, businesses & even my favorite band… here are my 2015 pumpkins!

From our family to yours, a very Happy and safe Halloween!!!


8 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Fairy 2015

    1. Thank you! I sat up one night trying to come up with something awesome to surprise my friends and family – ended up going to bed at 3 am I had so much fun!

  1. This is the most amazing, creative, awesome idea!!!!!!! And your little helper is too gorgeous for words;-)

    1. Thank you Christy! I have so much fun doing these! I bet I could come up with a purr-fect one for you! And my helper, yes for not feeling well she still is beautiful and one of most cherished pictures I’ll have of our time together 💜

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